Lewington Witches


2. One

“Hurry up Eva”, my mom called from the car, “We’ve got to  get going.”  

“One sec mom, I’m grabbing my charger”, I bolted up the stairs and seized the phone charger from my nightstand and sprinted back downstairs and out the front door, locking it behind me. Opening the car door, I climbed into the back and buckled my seatbelt. “Ready to go kiddo?”, my dad asked, starting the car.

“Helm, warp one, engage” I replied, we were all fans of Star Trek, and basically anything else nerdy. Star Wars, Sherlock, Princess Bride, Marvel, DC (comics), you name it.

“Come on Eva, don’t look so sour, it’s only for the weekend, it’ll be fun” my dad said, trying to cheer me up.

“I don’t think that word means what you think it means” I retort, totally unconvinced. I hadn’t seen my grandmother since I was six and it was not a pleasant memory. She was soooo boring, she smelled of too much perfume and cabbage, and she makes you look at her cat pictures, all 274 of them. She actually reminded me a lot of a mix between Mrs.Figg from harry potter and aunt Zelda from Septimus Heap. The rest of the drive passes silently, dad focused on driving, mom totally immersed in her nook and me listening to my music through my bluetooth headphones. I’m in my own little world, watching the cornfields fly past the window of the Subaru, and wondering when we would get there. After about six hours, give or take (I wasn’t really paying attention), we finally turned down a road nearly obscured by the trees. If we weren't specifically looking for it, I’m sure we would have driven right by it none the wiser. We passed through the tall, wrought iron gate and continued along the pathway through the forest. Suddenly the wall of trees opened up and the dirt road changed to gravel, and a large, old english manor appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Dad pulled up and mom and I  got out of the car and unloaded our luggage from the trunk.

“Bye, bye girls, have fun storming the castle!”, my dad called before he drove off. oh well, I thought, only one thing we can do.

“For Narnia!” I shouted, and charged up the pathway to the front doors. I stepped up to the big oak doors and pounded the brass knocker. We stood there for a few moments then pushed the door open and walked into the entrance hall. Soon an old lady came bustling down the grand, marble staircase.

“Oh  hello, who are you?”, she asked, looking from my mom to me in bewilderment. Then her eyes widened with surprise, “Is that you Elizabeth?, My you’ve grown!”

“Hello Tilly, it’s nice to see you again” my mom said with a grin, “this is my daughter evangeline”

“Eva”, I corrected her, “my name is Eva.”

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