Sarlin Bay


2. Two

Sprinting down the cobblestones, I felt the rain pelting my skin. Finally I spotted the building I was searching for, Obscured by the mist, The Jancrest Book Loft. Owned by Mrs.Nettleby, an ornery old lady, whom few had actually had the misfortune to meet, then was handed off to her granddaughter Amelia. The Jancrest Book Loft was a hidden treasure in the sleepy little town of Sarlin Bay. Three stories tall and a greater collection than any of the libraries or bookstores in the area. It was always the last shop in Sarlin to close, so I knew it would be a safe place to stay and wait out the rain. I reached the doorstep and pushed open the pane of glass, hearing the gentle clatter of the bells that alert the shopkeeper that a potential customer had arrived. Picture a large room with many corridors leading off of it and lots of free standing bookshelves in the middle that has a homey sort of feel. Then add a medieval dungeon vibe to that image and you'll get the Jancrest Book Loft. I glided down the nearest aisle, the oil lamps lining the ceiling casting an eerie glow on my pale skin. As I passed the stairs I heard voices drifting down from the third floor. Deciding to investigate I made my way up to the final story of the shop. Frantic whispering was coming from a dimly lit corridor to my left, crossed with a rope so customers wouldn’t accidentally wander down it. Slipping under the rope I made my way down the shadowed hallway, the voices grew louder and I crouched down next to the office and placed my ear to the door.

“Are you quite certain?”A shrill voice questioned.

“Quite” A deep booming voice answered, one I recognized as Mr.Brook, the curator of the Sarlin history museum. “My employees looked everywhere, It simply wasn't to be found.”

“How could this have happened?” the woman asked him pointedly, “I placed it in your care Mr.Brook, I expect you to find it.”

“The gem will be found Mrs.Nettleby, I swear it.” Mr.Brook promised.

“It better be, goodnight ,Mr.Brook.” She responded threateningly.

“Goodnight Mrs.Nettleby.” I heard him start to cross to the front of the room, towards the door. Startled I backed up and my hand hit a door knob. Running into the closet and closing it behind me, I held my breath.


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