Sarlin Bay


1. One

It all started on a Monday. I always hated Mondays. There was just something off about this particular Monday that seemed to put me on edge. I was at a local coffee shop called The Hidden House, just like I had everyday of the past year . The store was owned by Tom and Katie Hildin, a young married couple who had lived in the town of Sarlin Bay, it was actually supposed to be named The Hildin House but there was a mess up with the maker of their shop sign and it ended up being named The Hidden House and so it had remained ever since. I stepped inside the brightly lit shop, pausing for a moment to look longingly at the pastries behind the counter. I sat down at a table next to the window, with an excellent view of Sarlin Bay. Usually there were some traders down by the docks, or fishermen selling their latest catch. But today there was nothing. I remained there reading a new novel I had just bought and watching the ships out on the misty water till the last golden rays of sunlight disappeared behind the horizon and the shop was about to close.

“Have a good night Cassie.” Katie called out to me as I was about to walk out the door. It was a small town, everyone knew everyone.

“You too Katie, see you” I called over my shoulder and retreated out of the coffee house. I was the final one to exit the shop, as everyone else had already left to avoid the oncoming storm. I started to head back to my apartment on ridgeway with an uneasy feeling. With the dark and ominous clouds above I could tell I wouldn’t be able to make it home in time to evade the downpour. I started to run as the raindrops pelted my skin and soon changed into a full on sprint, my long golden hair getting soaked. Reaching the town center I turned down an alleyway behind the Martos Cafe and continued down the long and twisting passageway of shadow creek avenue. I finally reached the end of the street and left the damp corridor stepping out into the moonlight.


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