Harry potter conspiracious

Is Dumbledore manipulative? Do Ron, Ginny, and molly really care?


2. Ron, Ginny, Hermione, and molly

is ginny and molly useing harry for there own needs.

i believe that ginny was only pretending to use harry as when harry died all the money if there were no children would go to them as they were poor they could have planned for him to die.

why did harry all of a sudden get jelious after only the third year right away wouldnt it have been graduale could he have been fed love potions.

First I want to talk about ron.

Why was his family convincingingly at the plateform shouting in front of muggles right after Harry reliezed he doesn't know were to go. If the hogwarts express used to house over a hundred students why was there no other space when he probable was looking for him. And why was Ron so quick to leave just to come back. And if he is why know one else approached Harry did he keep them away to make him dependable. And shouldn't he have gone to mc gonegal about the bars on the window. Also why does he convince Harry into some of the more dangerous stuff.

Next is Hermione.

I believe she is almost as bad though I could be wrong. I want to know if Hermione was meant to be his friend or if she was also meant to make him reliable on her. Again I don't have much she could just be caught in the middle of a scheme.

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