Migrant in Timbuctoo Land


1. Life as a migrant

My life in Timbuctooland

I was raised to be ambitious by my Dad. Such hard work Dad I said. No it isn’t if you do a little at a time.  So I worked hard and managed to get a job in prosperous Timbuctooland.  I am Arian by birth.  I learned about the ways of the land and my dad and I managed to move our whole family to Timbuctoo land. I was all praise for it and encouraged my cousins to immigrate. They were still young, about 10 to 15 years younger than me, some of them. The older cousins saw that they would be 30 by the time they migrated. They however procured jobs in Timbuctoo City and I visited them and worked hard and got what is known as permanent residency. I joined Timbucktoo Land Peace Corps and started my Doctor’s training and learned the art of self defence to the hilt.

I was given accommodation by the firm I worked for.  I took my brother along.  I was afraid to sleep. My dumb brother used to leave all the doors and windows open to let in a cool breeze. It was very hot in the house otherwise.  As expected , one night a lady and fellow came into the house said, get off the bed. I moved with alacrity and got off it. It was too hot anyway. They sprayed some coolant in the air and spread cool sheets on the bed and said.” We have never done it on a bed , let’s do it. “  I left the room. I did not want to witness what ever they had planned. “ 

“How about some money for using my house” I said.  Sure here is a 50 , I will give you 175 Timbuctoo currency for 3 nights.”  And give you the sheets and coolant.  I said “oh! Money” and went and watched some TV.  The lady joined me 3 hours later and we got talking. “Anyone else interested in using my house” I asked  “yes there are and they will pay 100 a night for accommodation, if you supply a fan. “  We became friends and she gave me a local address. I promised to visit her the next day.  I wanted some local friends as I had plans to start a lucrative business fixing cars.  I knew there was big money in that. My Dad would handle the work part of it and I would manage the business. So I printed some business cards and gave them out the next day.  I had already leased a garage. No job too small I said.

The opportunity came when we went on a business trip together. I knew my Boss loved me. He had introduced me to his family and I learnt that he was still single and and an only son.  Why did he not propose then , I wondered.  After talking to his family I realised that he was not the marrying kind but he was Timuctoonean.  I had never seen such a handsome man in all my life.  It was love at first sight for me.  I new instantly that we were very compatible but I decided to take it slow. What did I know about him after all.  I worked on progressing my career and I was busy with the business in the evening. My goal was to become super rich and marriage would interfere with my plans. On a business trip where we shared a room he started taking his clothes off.  He apologised and said he always slept in his underwear.  The next day I woke up to see him dressing up and got a peek at his ling. For an average height man, he did have a big ling and I could tell he was a very neat man and a decent man. Funny and strange but decent.  After all he was Timbuctoonean.  Arians tend to go to bed in their parkas as Aria land is very cold most of the year.  I debated whether I should open my eyes or pretend to be asleep. After 5 minutes and he still showed no inclination to slip on his underwear, I decided to wake up.  Hi he said in the most unaffected manner. He put on a shirt and came over. “Have you ever kissed anybody?”  “ I giggled”  He came even closer and said “Let me show you how its done.” “Here, open your mouth, I won’t bite” I did and he popped a lolly into my mouth.”  “ That freshens your insides” he said and moved away.  He said he was due for a promotion and wanted me to help him out with his contract work. There is big money in that and I will give you  a bonus.  I agreed. It was too good an offer to refuse.  He came over and I was afraid he would kiss me but he merely picked up his pants and moved away to get dressed.  I will go arrange for breakfast. Meet me in 30 minutes in the Hotel lounge.

              He put on make up and said “My wife loves me.”  She fought with me yesterday when I left” I prudently said nothing.  I did not even know his age. “My wife is the same age as you”  He said.  What did he mean by that I wondered. So much for wanting him.  I will have to marry someone else.  But I had known him for 3 years and knew he was my soul mate. Such a well mannered nice man he was.  Where in the world was I going to find a man like him. So he had tied the knot in the past few years.  He was my boss and I dared not ask any personal questions. “You must visit me”   Here is my address. How about   this Sunday.   

               There were many people at the party.  Hello sweetheart he said and hugged me. Everyone was very friendly and I did not even know who his wife was. So much for that. Drop by at our place anytime they said. We are meeting in Concord place next month.  Here is the address. The food was great though. All home made I was told.  I figured my Boss’s wife  cooked very well. 

               After that I became a frequent visitor to their place.  His wife turned out to be a very lovely person.  They had a 2 year old son, so I bought a  huge box of cadbury’s  chocolates for him.  They made me feel real welcome.  My boss I figured had a passion for photography. He brought his camera out and took plenty of photos for me and his wife. As his wife cooked he showed me their wedding photos. She was much slimmer then. 

               I had to work nights and I moved into a woman’s hostel for 3 months.  My Dad moved his auto company to a larger city. Expansion he called it.  I took my share of the profits and bought shares in a Hotel in Singapore.  Besides dividends, I got free stay at the hotel for a week every year.  I took evening classes at the University that I was working for. All subsidised for employees.  I made friends and asked a colleague whether he knew any Arians. I wanted to get married.  He said why not marry a Timbuctoonean and he broadcast a message with a nice photo of me.  I met my future husband the next day.  It did not bother him that I was Arian. 

               It has taken me time to settle down in Timbuctoo Land.  My husband entered the kissing contest as a virgin, and with my help, he made 50000$ dollars.  I found in Timbuctoo land there is no such thing as total privacy.  Everyone knows everybody and a friend of a friend of a friend will drop in on you, even if you don’t know them.  Timbuctooneans are very bold and sassy but conservative. There is no divorce. You just go to the justice of the peace and register your relationships there. Counselling is provided for free. Everything is free for a Timbuctoonean.  Everyone works for the Government in some way or the other.  It’s been 30 years since I left Arian land for Timbucktoo. I have 2 kids who will be leaving home soon. I see somebody or the other I know whenever I go out. I have had a good career and made my money. I fancy myself to be super rich but my husband says he is 10 times richer than me. Isn’t my husband’s wealth mine too. It is. 

               I now am on the board of the hospital management.  I work part time and am quite busy. I am still in touch with my ex Boss and his cousin whom I met while travelling to visit my Dad. They are practically family now. I see myself as a Timbuctoonean and my cooking is a nice fusion of Arian and Timbuctoo cooking. My children have been raised Timbuctoonean but they have learnt the Arian ways from my Dad.  We no longer visit Arian land as my entire extended family has moved here. Life has been good overall.

*********** The End************

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