Walking in Dreams

A girl (Anzuna) who has been walking in different dimensions for billions of yeas, has been reborn in Earth. Now she has to team up with Hak and find all their memories. Why did she erase her memories in the first place? Did someone else erased them? What does she not want to remember? And who is Atem? Who is she?


8. Thoughts

I went to bed later on that day.

I was laying in bed. It was dark outside. I looked up to my ceiling, hoping that I would get some comfort. But, instead I get........


Why I'm I always alone? I have no feelings do I? I've felt feelings many times before. They all feel the same to me now..... It's like I'm a living robot trying to fit in.

My eyes start to get full of tears.

 If can do is kill....... then, who am I? Is that my propose? To .... kill? If it is then, I don't want it! When can I start exploring like I used to? Like I used to thousands of years ago?


A tear started to roll down. Then many more.

What is 'love'? I've never been hugged or kissed before since I actually turned nineteen. Witch was some billion years ago?

If I try to imagine the feeling I'll just hurt myself. I'll feel a sharp pain in my heart.

What does it feel like to be loved? I have no mom or dad. I have an Aunt that takes care me.

I grunt. "The pain feels like a sword stabbed it. I must have gotting used to the feeling. It doesn't hurt as much as it used to. I should go to sleep now. Atem what did I ever do to you to deserve this? What?"

I wish.... that, I was another person.

I closed my eyes then I open them. I see a girl with blue hair standing before me she looks angelic.

Her eyes were silver-blue and they were full of..... love and joy, but yet so full of sorrow. A tear falls. She similes, a weak, fragile one.

She sat on my bed and started to smooth my head as in comforting me. She starts singing.

Is almost as if I'm the only one that knows her.

I don't feel alone any more.

My tears were now tears of joy and not burden.

I closed my eyes and smile; this is the first time I feel happy in a long time.


I went to the piano. Healer wasn't there yet. So I waited for him. Not long after I got there he arrived.

"Sorry I came late! I had to do some things in the Earth world." he started to say.

"Don't get to used me being nice. Any way who do think of becoming a partner of?" I asked him changing the topic completely.

"Uh?.....I haven't thought of anyone in particular." he replied embarrassed.

"What! You want to becoming a partner, but you don't have any one in mind!" I yell at his face.

"Well I was wondering..... if.... you could be my partner?" I couldn't believe him.

All I wanted to do was get rid of him! Know it'll be hard to.

"I all ready told you I'm not the right person!"

I stopped talking. Then I start to think, How did he find me. In the Earth world?

"Change of topic! How did you find me in the Earth world?" I asked him. Hoping that he doesn't know that much magic.

"Well the way you played 24 hours ago.... I thought you might haved entered a piano competition. So the only one I knew that was going on was that one."

He seemed to also have something on his mind but did want to say it. I believed him.


Hak's P.O.V

Her playing seemed so hollow. Like she was alone in the world. But the way she played was beautiful.

It's like she was trying to say 'Hey! World! I'm here!' but not that many people listened.

Even the way she fights. It seems hollow, with no feeling. I want to help her.

The way she fights is seems like she doesn't mind to die.

But she does, right?

I want to help her more, so I want to help her in a way of me becoming friends with her.

We were in the forest now; the sun was out and it was a beautiful sunny day. With lots of animals out; blue deer with white and fire birds were out today.

Then she breaks into a run again. It's like she is trying to run away, from the things she is afraid of?

"Were are you going?" I start chasing after her.

"I'm following the girl with blue hair!" she says as if there were no more to that.

She runs up a hill and takes out her stick.

What is she doing? I run up with her, she puts her hand in the way. Down the hill was a huge monster it was guarding a card. A card?

Then a girl with blue hair appears. She had the same wooden mask on that Anzuna had on earlier that day. What is going on?

Anzuna puts on her own. The girl with blue hair held out her hand. She's asking Anzuna to fight along her side! Anzuna took her hand, let go of it, and bowed.

She said...... yes?!

She turns to face me. "You do the healing OK?" I nodded.

She takes out her stick. Purple swirls go around the stick and slowly it turns into a metallic sharp sword. She smiles; a happy one!

I can tell that the first time in a long time her fighting will be full of life!




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