Walking in Dreams

A girl (Anzuna) who has been walking in different dimensions for billions of yeas, has been reborn in Earth. Now she has to team up with Hak and find all their memories. Why did she erase her memories in the first place? Did someone else erased them? What does she not want to remember? And who is Atem? Who is she?


10. Awake

I wake up. My body hurt all over. It was still the middle of the night. I turned....

my sword..... Lost Princess?

I couldn't take it all in at once.

I have to go. To the lost city. Or at least it was a lost city, before I arose it.

I put on some cloths and got my backpack full of things I will need.

I start walking to the door and opened it. Sorry Aunt, I have to go. I don't think I'll be coming coming back.

All the things that this world has been made into. All the inventors. There is one that is one of my favorite inventors. His name is Micheal. He has a pure heart I can tell.

I somehow can give them ideas. Somehow....

Weird. As soon as I see anyone I somehow know what there name is and how old they are.

Sometimes even how pure their heart is.

I locked the door behind and started walking to Atlantis. It's a bit far from here. I think I'll fly there.

If I do that I'll get there by dawn.

Sorry Healer, I couldn't say my goodbyes.

I smile. Time to get back my studies.


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