Walking in Dreams

A girl (Anzuna) who has been walking in different dimensions for billions of yeas, has been reborn in Earth. Now she has to team up with Hak and find all their memories. Why did she erase her memories in the first place? Did someone else erased them? What does she not want to remember? And who is Atem? Who is she?


7. A Strange Way to Start the Night and Day

He was getting close to me. Stay away from me!

He was about to hug me. No! I got thick stick I found on the floor and hit him hard on the head.

"Don't touch me Healer!" I yelled at his face.

He was on the ground rubbing his head for a minute. He keened before me.

"What was that all about? Anyways all I wanted to do was say thank you for saving my life!"

I gave him a warning look. "Leave me alone! I don't know with ever you are on my side or not. If your working for Atem or not. If your trying to kill me or not!"

I remembered that I had a mask that only people are able to see if they visit the other worlds in there dreams. I got my little backpack and pulled out my jay-blue bird mask. It was out if red-wood tree bark. Carefully carved by a good friend of mine. Used to be friend of mine.

I put it on. That means 'I want to be alone' in the other world. I hope he knows what that means!

Most of the time it means that. I held out my hand out in a stop sign. He looked at me.

"I'm sorry. I'll leave you alone." He started to get up. He looked sad.

"What do want from me? If it's a friend, I'm not the right person. If it's a partner, I might be able to help. But you'll have to give up your job as the Kings Healer. Got that?"

He lifts his head and smiles. He's eyes went huge. He didn't know what to do.

He takes a deep breath of relief. "Thank you! Yes I would to anything to become a partner of someone!"

I looked at him. Who does he want to become partners with?

"I also have to tell the King something. So I'll go to the castle with you. Also, to make sure no one trys to kill you again." I laugh a bit. So does he.

"Meet me at the piano again OK? See you at day!"

It was night last night so today it will be day at night in the other world. The Healer started to walk away, I look at him a bit curious as to why he wanted to be a partner with someone. I shrug it off and started to follow him, little did I know...something big is going to happen.

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