Walking in Dreams

A girl (Anzuna) who has been walking in different dimensions for billions of yeas, has been reborn in Earth. Now she has to team up with Hak and find all their memories. Why did she erase her memories in the first place? Did someone else erased them? What does she not want to remember? And who is Atem? Who is she?


3. A Once Loyal Friend

I know what will happened.

'Arrows shooting everywhere, Healer screaming, Akhenaten yelling.'

It seemed vivid. I know what will happened next.

"Here! Healer catch!" I threw him my stick. I got near him. "Go clockwise for one second and then go counterclockwise, slowly when I say 'Now' and hold it right here," I whispered and I adjust the stick were I wanted it. He nodded.

I walked back to Akhenaten. I've been waiting for a long time to settle things with him. Finally I have a chance to do this. I hold up my sword. It's the year of 2028, and scientist haven't figured out if there are other worlds out there.

But, there are. Like this one.

I attacked him first. Akhenaten, the once loyal person towards Atem and to me. My once loyal friend.

I thought I had learn my lesson. 

But it looks like I haven't.

Why do I even make friends? They all turn against me or die on me. But, I won't let the healer die on me.

I hit him. Instead of striking. I can't!..... I can't!..

Why is it that I can't strike him? Why?

'Hey lets go into the forest and pick up herbs for the king!' He once had said. 'Sure! I bet he would love that!'

Why am I remembering? I shouldn't be. I'll just hurt myself.

I should probably start separating ways from the king. I'm sure he will, too one day go against me.

I felt a deep cut on my shoulder. Ow! I land hard on the ground.

I know I have a angry but yet determined face on. I half got up.

I need to concentrate!

It's on!


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