4. Chapter 4

"No need to fight over who's going to sit next to Cora. Elena is sitting with me, then Calum and Luke are together, and Cora and Michael." Just as the protests were going to start from Luke and Calum, Ashton held his hand up sassily. "No butts. The two lovebirds need bonding time." Ashton winked my way and pushed Michael towards me, who stumbled into the seat next to me, almost tripping over himself. This caused Michael to shake his head, chuckling as he looked over at me. "He's so dead set on getting us together isn't he?" I nodded my head and rolled my eyes at my cousin, I've always known the over-protective side of Ashton lately but he seems to be easing up and letting me have some freedom. I'm surprised he didn't make me sit with Elena so he can lecture Michael the whole thirteen hour flight. "Might as well get comfy if we're going to be sleeping the whole flight," I yawned. I picked up the blanket I brought and tossed it over Michael and I, I put my headphones in and hit shuffle on my "travel playlist" on Spotify. I rested my head against the back of my seat and let my eyes drift shut as the lyrics from "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls lulled me to sleep.

*8 hours into the flight*

I slowly opened my eyes after a loud noise in my ear startled me awake. I tried to lift my head off the back of my seat and I felt a pressure resting on top of it. I rubbed my eyes to get the sleep out of them and realized I had my head rested on Michael's shoulder and he fell asleep on me. I looked around us when I heard a camera go off, glaring at the owner of the cell phone used to take a picture of him and I. "Lucas Robert Hemmings!" I whisper shouted at him, careful not to wake up Michael. He smirked, "Oh come on, it's adorable." My phone dinged, signaling that I had a text. "From: Lil Hem xo, *picture attached*" I clicked to save the photo, smiling like an idiot down at it. "We are cute together aren't we?" Michael chuckled next me. I moved to sit upright quickly, turning my burning face away to look out the window.

"Send me that, yeah?" I turned to look at him, he was smiling and pointing to the picture. I nodded my head, resting it against the window to my right. I stared out the window again, letting the sleep take over once more.

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