3. Chapter 3

"Cora come on! Open up for us! It'll be amazing, plus you'll be able to get your music out there and you're a phenomenal singer/songwriter. Everyone will LOVE you! Please!" Ashton was pacing in front of my bed while I lay there on my laptop, editing a video collab him and I just filmed. I shook my head, "I'm sorry, I'm just not comfortable standing up in front of tens of thousands of people with just me and my guitar. I appreciate the offer but it's just not happening," I said finally, giving my cousin a stern look. He turned to face me directly and put his hands in his hips. "Fine. At least bring Elena and just come on tour with us. Think of it as a vacation." I rolled my eyes and agreed, "Alright, fine. You have yourself a deal." He yelped and hollered, happily skipping his way out of my room. I sighed and closed my laptop, pushing it away from me, leaning against my pillows. The next six or so months are going to be pretty interesting.

*three weeks later*

"Are you almost ready?!" An impatient scream came from the bottom of the stairs. I glared at my doorway then turned my attention back at my reflection in the mirror. My long ashy red locks were in curly waves pulled back in a high pony down my back, my makeup was a dramatic smokey eye with a light purple/lavender lip, and my dress was a simple black strapless mini paired with glittery black heels. I grabbed my silver clutch that had my phone and ID in it with some cash and descended my way down the stairs and in the living room. I self consciously folded my arms over my chest as my cousins three band mates gawked at my appearance. I smiled shyly and pointed to the door. "Well, are we going to celebrate this tour before we leave tomorrow or just sit here all dolled up for nothing?" We hurried out the door and to the taxi waiting for us after Ashton and I kissed Elena goodnight and left her with my best friend Perrie. That girl has been an amazing support system for me after everything she's been through the last year with her engagement being broken off and having to write and record an album soon after. So much stress, I'm glad she offered to help out with Elena tonight so I can go out with the guys, I'll owe her big time.

*at the club*

Music blared through the speakers as we entered the club and soon found a booth off to the side. After we all piled in, we chatted for a bit then ordered a few rounds of beers and some shots. No later then ten minutes, a waitress came by to drop off our drinks and a case of chips (french fries) and peanuts. A few shots of tequila and two beers later, I was feeling confident and wanting to go dance with everyone on the dance floor. "Who wants to go dance with me?!" I shout over the obnoxiously loud music. I smirk when I see Michael, whose sat on the opposite side of the booth from me, nod his head in agreement. I look over at Ashton who looks amused at this. I smile and wave at him before grabbing Michael's hand to lead him to the middle of the dance floor. I developed this crazy crush on Michael over the past few weeks the guys have been staying with me and confessed my feelings to Ashton just two days ago. I hear the song "I Don't Fuck with You" by Big Sean come on and Michael starts to try and rap along to it by the time we reach the center but fails and it causes me to giggle a bit. He smiles drunkly down at me and I turn myself around with my back to him, dancing along to the beat of the music. Michael's hands found their place on my hips and we let the song, and ones following that, carry us away into a trance of drunk dancing and grinding against the other.

*the next morning*

I groggily opened my eyes to pots banging in the kitchen and the smell of eggs and toast floating from it. I slowly sat up and realized I was in my room, I immediately brought my hand up to my mouth. Rushing out of my room and down the hall to the bathroom, I run into a tall figure and ignore them as I push my way into the bathroom. I didn't bother to close the door or see who I bumped into, I lunged for the toilet and let my body rid of all the consuming of alcohol that I did last night. I felt someone sit beside me in the edge of the bathtub and take ahold of my hair, pulling it out of my face. Whoever it was also began rubbing my back and making a soothing humming sound in my ear. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and looked up to see who was in the bathroom with me. Ashton. I smiled at him, "Promise to never let me drink that much again." He chuckled and helped me up, leading me out of the bathroom and down the hallway, towards the kitchen. "Here sit down hun and have some bacon, greasy food will help with the hangover. We have to leave in three hours or we'll miss our flight to the states." I sat in the chair next to Luke at the end of the table and took a bite out of the bacon that was placed in front of me by Michael. We made eye contact and he smiled at me and I nodded my head, turning it away as I felt my cheeks heat up. "Here's some orange juice and aspirin for the headache." Ashton passed me the glass of juice and medicine from across the table. A clap of the hands startled the four of us in the room as Calum entered. "Alrighty! Who's ready to party for eight months?! We'll be in the states for four of them and then in Europe for three. The other one just adds up to the amount of days off and free time we'll have. Including studio time, but who cares about that! We're GOING ON TOUR AGAIN!!" I shoot him a glare for screaming while standing next me, he wore an apologetic smile and sat next to Ashton.

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