2. Chapter 2

The next morning I woke up to a knock on my door. "Package for Cora Irwin," the call came from the other side of the door. I cautiously got out of bed and the knocking came more rapid. "Miss Irwin, please open up." I swiftly opened up the door with one hand and the bat I keep propped up against the wall by the front door in the other hand. I drop the bat as tears rushed to my eyes and down my cheeks. I flung myself into my cousin's arms, wrapping mine tightly around his neck. We stood there for a while until I felt a tug on my pajama pants. I looked down and saw Elena with a thumb in her mouth and her "blankie" in the other. After separating from my embrace with Ashton, I bent down to pick her up. I ushered him inside and noticed he wasn't alone. Leaning to whisper, "Ashton! You could've talked to me beforehand so I could've showered and cleaned up," I motioned my hand around my whole living space. He smugly shrugged and said sorry, before taking an eager Elena out of my arms. She nestled her tiny head on his shoulder, with a small smile across her lips and a thumb in her mouth. "We actually came here to talk to you.." He trailed off as he nodded his head towards the rest of the 5SOS guys who all shyly raised a hand in acknowledgement. "Okay. Just put her on the floor with her "blankie" and a toy please.. But may I ask why did you just show up out of the blue?? Why after all this time you appear on my doorstep with your band?" I was fumed that he let me have that emotional reaction around the guys also because he randomly showed up after two years without a single call or text. After he set my baby sister down, I shoved him towards the wall behind him. I was fuming and I had no clue why I was so irritated. "I'll be right back," I muttered and turned on my heel and walked down the hall towards my bedroom. I put on some panties and a bra and threw a loose white v neck and black shorts. I put my hair up in a loose bun and swished on some mascara and made my way back out to the living room. All eyes turned to me as I re-entered. I picked at the nail polish on my fingers and sat down on the couch next to Calum. "So, what did you guys want to talk about?" I look around the room and Ashton speaks up, "Well, Luke here stumbled upon one of your YouTube videos and as you may know we are going on tour soon and were looking for an opening act for the tour." I nod my head as he speaks, waiting for him to continue. I start to shake and pick at my nails more anxiously, my mind automatically going to the one I posted just last night. Calum turned to me and smiled, "You have an amazing voice, might I add. Also, your songwriting skills are killer." I thanked him with a smile, looking back at Ashton and waiting for him to speak. "You and I will have a talk about that video's subject soon but we would like to invite you on tour with us. We talked to management about this and they agreed to let you bring Elena along." He had the biggest smile on his face and I couldn't help but smile back at him and stood up, all eyes on me. "Well. Let's celebrate this no? It's a beautiful day to go for a swim!" This moment in time is what started it all. Started my future. Started the heartbreak. Started the confusion and questioning. Today was what made my whole life seem like it was going to be joyous and filled with great events. If only that was case.

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