The Nature of The Moon’s Curse

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  • Published: 28 Dec 2016
  • Updated: 28 Dec 2016
  • Status: Complete
This is a short story about a normal sleepover but it has an unexpected twist.


1. The Sleepover

This is true that I became a werewolf for the rest of my years, because of my tremendous mistake. It all started when I went over to my friend's house for a sleepover with my two best friends, Amara and Easton. Let me tell you the mistakes us three made along with Amara’s older brother, Adam, that night that led up to this incident. Like I said it all started when I went over to Amara’s house for a sleepover, with her and Easton, but there are many details yet to be told.

My mother dropped me off around four o’clock in the afternoon at Amara’s house. My friend, Easton, was already there, because as soon as I got there I was dragged into Amara’s room where Easton was holding a giant, old, leather bound, book with what looked like runes on the front and was looking at Amara and me overjoyed. Then Amara said elated, “Look what Easton and I found, Cypres. You probably think it's just an old book with some writing on the front, but it has spells and things of that sort. I think my ancestors were witches or something since it even has my last name, Goodwin, written in it.”

“I told Amara that we should try one and she’s in, what about you?”, Easton said with a twisted smile on her face

“I don't know about that, what do you think will happen?”, I asked unaware that I would soon give in to this horrid idea

“Well it describes what each one will do, so why not try it?”, Amara said taking the book from Easton, then turning an old leather page in the ancient book, till she got to the one she wanted

“I mean do you think anything will happen?”, I asked coming over to look at the book as the words on the page danced to the beat of the rain outside. Then I said, “Look it even says we need four people, and I only see three of us.”

“I know that’s why Adam is going to come with us. And before you ask I already asked him and he’s in.”, Amara said jestering for Easton to get the door. When Easton opened the door Adam was standing there like he was just waiting to be let in.

“I guess she said she would be a part of this.”, Adam said, leaning against a wall

“No I did not say I would be a part of it but I will only try one spell and that is it.”, I said, looking at Adam wanting to just tell him what I truly thought of him, as you can see Adam and I did not see eye to eye about most things.

Though, once their parents went to sleep and we were going out into the woods, I had second thoughts about it, but still went on knowing that I could not let my friends down.  As the four of us came to a clearing, where there were no trees, we set down the things we brought and checked the time to see that it was almost midnight, when the full moon would be at it’s peak. Then Amara started to set up things with some help from Easton, lighting up the candles we brought and putting them on the four stumps that stood there in the clearing. As Amara and Easton were setting things up I sat in the clearing propped up against an oak tree, thinking about how this, going to go up in flames idea, was really happening and I agreed to have a part in it. The spell that we planned on doing was a one with nature spell that was supposed to make us one with nature for, I think only 24 hours, but obviously it did not go as planned.   

As the four of us started chanting the words ‘ecce natura animae’ the wind started to whisper echoing the words we were chanting. As we were chanting this it was stated in the book that the third oldest person, that was of course me, had to drink out of an animal’s paw print but I guess I accidently drank out of a werewolf’s paw print instead of a normal animal’s paw print. Then everything stopped, the wind, our voices, the animals, and with this came an eerie silence that gave me chills. Everyone looked at each other as if this was a scary movie that would just get worst and trust me it did.

At first it was just a little pit of pain in my stomach, then out of nowhere it became a searing pain going all throughout my body. After that I remember growing claws, fangs, and fur. Seeing my friends back away from me, I asked what was wrong with me, but nothing except for a growl came out. Then as if out of a horror movie I went for Amara as she yelled, “Please no Cypres, I’m one of your best friends.”, but I still did not listen I just tore her apart as if it was normal for someone to do that to one of their best friends. The rest of the night was something out of a nightmare too, because I also ripped Easton apart like a chew toy but the worse part was, I liked it. As the night was coming to an end I ate both of my friend’s, Amara’s, parents, but also I was terrorizing the whole community. As the sun came up, though, I found Adam and was tearing him apart, but as I was tearing him apart, I turned back to my old self leaving Adam alive with giant bite marks on his body, and me covered and stained in bright red blood.

Now Adam and I run for our lives as the people of our old city hunt us for revenge. Even people that we use to know will do anything to have our heads on sticks. Every full moon though we become the very monsters our hunters look for, seeking blood and even more remorse. Adam and I, though, still go from town to town trying to find something to end the horrid curse we live under, and I truly hope we find it soon before we kill the whole world’s population.

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