Friends with a benefit


3. Natalie- the Lovebug


Now that my best friends Hailey and Kaitlyn were getting ready for their newly developed dates I could have some alone time with my amazing boyfriend Max. We were both sipping peppermint mochas and snuggling at the cafe watching FRIENDS on his phone. When the episode finished Max ran his gentle hands through my long red hair.

"I'm so blessed to be your boyfriend Natalie Jasmine Evans." He kissed my cheek softly and I fell for him all over again.

"You're awesome Max Samuel Stone." I murmured and we held hands.

"You know what Nat? I'm taking you out tonight. At 7. To a surprise place. Make sure you are ready for the night of your life. Now I've got some plans to confirm." He smiled down at me and a sense of excitement filled me.

"Ok Mister Romance. Pick me up at 7. I believe I've got some dressing up to do." I giggled and drove downtown to my house to get ready.


I love my girlfriend Natalie. I want to marry her in the future. She's the love of my life. We adore the silent moments together and love each other despite our weird habits or things we do. That November day I knew exactly where I wanted to take her and I knew it would blow her mind. But I had plans to confirm. That needed serious confirming. When she smiled at me happily aware of a surprise date she bounced off to get ready. I dialed the hottest most romantic restaurant in towns phone number and hurried to make a reservation.

"Hi I'm Max Stone. I called last night with a major reservation. I'd like to reserve the whole restaurant for this evening. At 7:30. I won't be any later. I'd like to confirm the reservation." I said hopefully.

"Of course Mister Stone. We have your table set up and we are closing at 4 to clean the whole place. Don't worry your romantic evening will be more than you can imagine." The man on the other end hung up and I couldn't help but overflow with joy. I quickly texted Natalie to wear something fancy and hurried off to get ready.

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