Friends with a benefit


2. Kaitlyn- the one who's Crushing


I have 3 sisters. All of which are in love. Their boyfriends are constantly invading my music practice space. Ugh whatever. I have a mega crush on this boy Trey Walker. He's so handsome but is dating the popular girl Morgan Haferfield. She's gorgeous but my best friend Hailey is much prettier. Except Hailey's the big catch in our town. She's been dating Luke Sumerville for 2 years but that changed well let's talk about me.

One November day, I was in the cafe with my friends Hailey, Natalie and Natalie's boyfriend Max. Well Hailey had just reunited with her ex-ex-ex boyfriend who she loves. Still. She went to break up with her current boyfriend Luke so she could be with Alex. The one she truly loves. Anyway, Natalie kissed Max deeply on the lips then smiled at me and winked.

"Kaitlyn. Look. To your right. Behind you." She dropped hints and I curved my head hopping my top wasn't riding up.

There sitting behind me was Trey Walker. Without Morgan. I noticed Morgan quickly across the cafe. She was swinging her hair and sitting on the lap of another guy. I saw Trey notice her and storm over. Morgan jumped up and kissed the other guy passionately on the lips. Trey screamed and Morgan and the other boy walked out of the cafe. Trey noticed me and sheepishly smiled at me.

"Go over. He needs you." Max grinned and nervously I walked over to Trey's table.

"Hey. Kaitlyn right?" He said making the initial conversation.

"Yeah" I smiled nervously.

"I'm Trey." He smiled back at me.

"Are you okay? I saw what just happened with Morgan. I'm so sorry. I know sorry doesn't cut---" Trey cut me off by placing his hand on top of mine.

"I'm great now that you're here Kaitlyn." He murmured and suddenly looked extremely embarrassed.

"Thanks. Hey have you been to the fall festival yet?" I grinned knowing that was something upbeat for us to do. A smile flickered across his face and he shook his head no.

"Great. Me neither. Want to go later?" My insides shook nervously. I had no idea where this courage was coming from.

"Sure. I'll pick you up at 3. It ends at 11 PM right?" He grinned and I nodded.

"Perfect. I have to go but I'll pick you up later. You sure know how to cheer people up." Trey smiled and left the cafe.

I bounced back over to Natalie and Max and they both cheered for me.

"You have to look perfect. It seems like he has feelings for you but you don't want to be his rebound girl after Morgan. Play hard to get. And don't worry about Morgan. Trey said yes to going out with you. You need to go. There's so little time!" Natalie exclaimed and I smiled hopefully.

"Thanks guys. See you later. I'll call you right after Nat. See ya Max." I waved goodbye to them and left the cafe walking the block to my house.


Morgan had went to the bathroom. And I thought that was that. Honestly she's a tire. She exhausts me constantly. I glanced over and saw her sitting on another guys lap. Furious I bounded over to her.

"MORGAN! YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND! ME! BUT NOT ANYMORE!" I screamed but tries to contain the volume.

"Oh silly. I'm Morgan. You're know...Trey. We don't go together. You're so plain. I'm so perfect. Don't you get it? Mark here is perfect too. But obviously not has perfect as me. I've been with him for a long time. I can't believe you thought we were together. Just because you always take me places doesn't mean they're dates. You're oh so silly." She planted a kiss on Marks lips and they left the cafe holding hands.

I couldn't believe it. She didn't know the meaning of boyfriend and girlfriend. I noticed the beautiful, kind girl Kaitlyn from school staring at me from across the room. She started coming over to me. My heart started beating so fast. Morgan never made me feel that way.

Our next conversation was a conversation that I'll never forget. And that day she asked me out on what I'd call our first date.

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