Friends with a benefit


5. Kaitlyn- Date or diss?


A fall festival. What do I wear? I felt the urge to text Trey and ask him what he was wearing then thought it through again. He'd think I'm desperate. Not a dress. Or a dress? Slipping on skinny jeans I knew I needed a rockin shirt so Trey knew I was looking forward to tonight. I pulled on a peach long sweater with slight cutouts around the sides and back. Natalie had bought it for me last Christmas when she was trying to set me up with her cousin. Anyway, my outfit was complete but my hair was horrible. I combed it and french braided it deciding finally to just leave it down and flowing. I put no makeup and laced up a pair of brown combat boots. I looked perfect for a fall festival. I met Trey outside and saw he was wearing jeans and a button down navy and white striped shirt. We looked perfect together.

"Kaitlyn you look stunning. I'm so glad I get to be by your side tonight." Trey smiled and I stepped toward him nervously.

"You look great too." I replied trying to play hard to go like Natalie and Max said.

Trey leaned in to hug me but I quickly escaped and plopped into his car. I watched him stare after me with hope in his eyes.

"Shall we go?" I smiled a giggle in my heart and he walked toward me laughing.

"Sure." He said grinning.

At the festival, Trey wouldn't stop talking about Morgan.

"I can't believe she's with that other guy. She's probably out kissing him right now. She used to kiss me." He cried continuously.

I placed a hand on his shoulder and he smiled at me.

"Listen Trey it's been a great hour and a half but you're obviously still hung up on Morgan. So go get her back. I should go." I tried to force a smile and was hurt when Trey didn't chase after me.

Tears streamed down my face and I couldn't take it. The one date I got to go on with Trey he wouldn't stop talking about his last girlfriend. Natalie was right. He was trying to get me to be his rebound girl. My face was on fire and tears were flowing like a waterfall. It stung knowing Trey didn't care if I walked away like that on our first date. And I'm not saying it was the last.


Kaitlyn looked amazing. She had skinny jeans and a gorgeous sweater on with adorable boots. She had no makeup on which was a change. When I leaned in for a hug she went around me and got into the car. It was so weird. On the way to the festival we barely spoke. She told me about her school life and what she liked to do and honestly I barely listened. I was thinking about Morgan hanging on that guy knowing I was just her backup boy. When we got to the festival Kaitlyn looked like she was having tons of fun. Buying cotton candy, playing the games, smiling a lot. It was weird considering I wouldn't stop talking about Morgan. And now I look back on that and regret it. Kaitlyn's amazing and didn't deserve that day.

"Listen Trey it's been a great hour and a half but you're obviously still hung up on Morgan. So go get her back. I should go." I watched tears spill down her cheeks and I don't know why I didn't chase after her beautiful heart but I didn't.

Man, I hurt Kaitlyn. Man, I hurt myself that day.

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