Friends with a benefit


1. Hailey- the catch


"I'll have an espresso," I said not making eye contact with the waiter.

I heard him walk away as one of her best friends Kaitlyn gasped.

"Hailey. That was...oh my gosh it can't be." She looked around and swung her long black hair over her shoulder.

"Who?" My other best friend Natalie was leaning on her boyfriend Ethan said.

"Her ex-ex-ex-ex boyfriend Alex. He's just gotten hotter Hails." That certainly got my attention.

I'd dated Alex for all 6 years of elementary school, all of middle school and 1 year of high school. Then he moved. After 10 years of dating it was so hard to let him go. I still have barely gotten over him. I still have feelings for him even though I'm dating Luke Jameson. He's a little stuck up but sweet.

"Oh....oh no." I ran a hand through my long golden hair and thought about Alex's adorable smile.

"Don't look now but he's coming over with your espresso." Natalie whispered as I looked up.

Alex stopped in his tracks and dropped the coffee at his feet. His cheeks blushed bright red and he knelt down muttering an apology.

"I'm so sorry. I just...Hailey?" He had a hint of a grin on his face as he stood back up.

"Hi Alex." I whispered and took a tiny step toward him.

He smiled warmly at me and I thought about how we had never really broken up. For years we sent notes but then high school got the best of us.

"Let me help." I smiled knowing Alex always brought out the best in me.

I picked up the pieces of the shattered mug as Alex lead me to the counter in the front of the cafe.

"I've missed you Hailey. I've missed you a lot." Alex murmured as we set down our broken glass.

"I've missed you too Alex. How....why..what?" I stuttered and giggled nervously.

Laughing he replied, "My mom got remarried to a guy Jackson and they refused to move with me. So I'm here with my dad. Forever. And I'm glad I'm here now."

"Me too." I didn't realize I was flirting but it was oozing out of me.

I twirled my hair on my finger and Alex stepped gently toward me.

"Can I take you out tonight? Want to have dinner and see a movie?" He whispered softly.

"Of course. Pick me up at 5?" I smiled tilting my head adoringly.

He nodded just as someone waved him over. I wrapped my hand around his as he walked off. I plopped back down next to Kaitlyn and she patted my knee.

" have a boyfriend. Did you forget about Luke?" She snapped me back into reality.

"I'm going out with Alex tonight. I need a cute dress. Something that says "let's get back together. I've missed you and I still love you." I stared dreamily at my friends.

"Hailey you have a boyfriend!" Natalie shrieked and I turned to her as she blushed embarrassed. "Sorry Hails." She finished.

"Oh my gosh. Luke. Alex. I guess I have to call Luke. Tell him the truth. I'll see you guys later." I gulped down my anxiety and headed out the front door of the cafe.

"Hey Hailey. Is this really important because I don't have time to be on this phone call right now. I'm winning don't you get it?" Luke sounded annoyed over the phone.

"I'm coming over Luke." I hung up and waved a cab to drive me to Luke's apartment where he was probably home with his sister Cathy.

There, I didn't even knock. I just strutted in and sat down next to him on the sofa.

"Seriously Hailey? What? What do you need to say?" Luke's face filled with slight anger.

"Luke I'm breaking up with you. Someone from my past. But I haven't been happy. For a while. And you don't seem happy. I'm so sorry. I have to go. See you around." I smiled weakly as Luke trudged after me.

"Whatever Hailey. I don't need you. You're a worthless piece of trash. And you're right I haven't been happy. That's weird you actually know something. I've been with the hot waitress at the diner for over a year. So farewell Hailey. Have an awful life." Luke yelled as I hurried down the hallway.

I climbed into the cab and directed him to my house.


It was 6 months after I moved back to New York City. I'd been working at the Skyline Cafe for 5 months. The staff there was awesome. It was one November afternoon when my life changed.

"I'll have an espresso." A girl had her head bent into her knees as I took her order.

Returning with the espresso I stopped in my tracks. It was Hailey. The love of my life. We dated for 10 years starting in kindergarten. Then I moved. And left her. I've missed her so much and haven't dated since. She's always been the girl I love. The espresso slipped out of my hands and crashed to the floor. I gathered the broken glass as Hailey approached me.

"Let me help." Hailey whispered and stepped closer to me.

I carried the glass to the front counter and I could hear Haileys soft footsteps following me. She set the glass shards down and gazed into my eyes. Her crystal blue eyes caught mine right away.

"I've missed you Hailey. I've missed you a lot." I murmured and she blushed, making me super embarrassed.

"I've missed you too Alex. How....what....why?" She giggled adorably but nervously.

I quickly explained to her the whole story about why I'm back here in New York City. Then I wondered....does she even still have feelings for me anymore? What if she's in a serious relationship? But a slow smile crept across her pink cheeks. Stupidly I finished with, "and I'm glad I'm here."

She smiled and said, "Me too." I gazed after her as she flipped her long golden hair and twiddled her thumbs.

"Can I take you out tonight? Want to have dinner and see a movie?" I asked her as she twisted her hair around her pointer finger.

"Of course. Pick me up at 5?" She grinned as a customer waved me over from across the room.

She intertwined her fingers through mine then gently let go. I saw her sit down next to her friends and smile prettily. Kaitlyn. The redhead was a new face. Kaitlyn looked over at me and I saw a look of annoyance and a look of happiness cross her face. She started stubbornly talking to Hailey as I took the old lady's order. A blueberry muffin. Blah blah blah. I caught Hailey's eye as she headed out the cafe door phone in hand.


Man am I glad that brat Hailey broke up with me.

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