Friends with a benefit


7. Hailey- the Aftermath


That night Alex dropped me off at my house at around 11 PM. With a graceful hug good-bye I couldn't stop thinking about him. Mom was in the kitchen pulling out a fresh set of cupcakes.

"You're up late Mom." I laughed and she turned to me smiling.

"I made cupcakes! You were out late." Her face quickly grew stern.

"I'm so sorry. It was an amazing night. On the top of the Empire State Building Alex set up a picnic with candles. Ugh it was so perfect." I sighed and flopped into a chair at the kitchen table.

"You two are meant to be." My mom smiled brightly. "Now why don't you head upstairs? It's getting late."

My mom adores Alex's family. She went to middle school and high school with Alex's dad and used to work with his mom. Until she moved away to be with her new husband.

"Okay. I'm exhausted anyway." I hugged my mom goodnight and trudged upstairs tired.

Upstairs I slipped out of my tight dress and into plaid pajama pants and a pink tank top. I slid into bed and unlocked my phone. 4 texts from Alex. Huh

Alex: Thanks Hails for an amazing night.

Alex: I'm so glad we are back together.

Attached were two images of us at the picnic. I smiled and quickly texted him back.

Me: Me too! I've missed you so much. Night night xoxo

I shut off my phone and clicked off my lamp feeling deeply in love. No boy had ever done that much for me. He's truly awesome.


I was half asleep when I got home after my amazing date. Dad was reading the newspaper and quickly jumped up to see me.

"Did she love it? Are you two dating again?" He eagerly asked me.

"Yes and yes. Now I'm exhausted. Aren't you?" I laughed and my dad smiled widely.

"It was a great idea for you to move back here with me. I'm exhausted as well. Gonna take a shower then hit the hay. Goodnight Alex." I hugged my dad and watched him walk upstairs and heard the shower turn on.

I poured myself a glass of water and smiled thinking about Hailey, my new girlfriend. I sent her a few texts with some images attached. BUZZ! She texted me back.

Hailey: Me too! I've missed you so much. Night night xoxo

I decided not to text her back but I'd call her in the morning. I knew. I'd found her again. The one. Hailey. Hails.

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