My Dumb Love Life

"OMGG MOM WHY ARE WE MOVING 100 SOME MILES AWAY" I said. I'm Olivia Harrisburg, but I goby Liv/Livy. We live in SC but all of our family are in NC. I don't know how I'm bout to tell my friends and boyfriend that I'm moving allll the way to NC. I mean its only an hour away , but that's still far away for me. I'm a super shy person and don't like new schools with people I don't know.


4. Chapter 4

Liv's POV:

Y'all I'm okay , but my car isn't talk about fucking pissed. I was sitting at the fucking light and someone slams into the back of my fucking car. I jumped out the car and called my brother and mom while he was panicing telling me the police are on the way. Mann today just isn't my fucking day I looked at the back of my car and it was all dented in and shit I mean it was bad but I don't like my shit to be fucked up. Anywayyyyy the police were here so was my brother and mom and the mans significant other I presume. We were all perfectly fine, we told the police woman what happened, then we gave her our insurance stuff and of course he's going to pay for the damages because he wasn't paying attention that there was a red light.

ANYWAYYY after all that drama we're laughing watching TV drinking our drinks and I was eating a banana nut muffin. See now I don't like bananas I hateee bananas with the life of me but I'll eat banana nut muffins all day long I love them, weird ain't it. By this time it was like 12 almost 1 o'clock, so we headed over to chandlers house to se if we could all move to NC .We got to the house and they were sitting on the couch watching family feud. I swear I got so tired of watching that with my grandma. They saw us come in and they greeted and hugged us. We all sat in the dining room around a beautiful marble table.

​Brandon's POV:

Mannnnn talk about shitting bricks. I didn't know how to explain that Livy was moving. You know its serious when I say Livy or Olivia. It really shouldn't be such a big problem I mean like I said we still sitting on a whole ass of lotto money. Lets seeee what the hell goes down todayyy.

"So mom... dad... I have the biggest serious question in the world to ask you."

"What's going on is everything okay?" My mom asked with a serious face

" Welll um Olivia is moving to North Carolina and I was wondering if we could move too because you know Liv keeps me from going back to do another 30 days in jail."

"He does have a valid point Chrissy, You know how many times I had to bail him out of jail before Liv here came into our lives" My father said to my mom.

"I wouldn't mind starting fresh, and I mean we still have a lot of money so we can't say we don't have the money to move and rebuild because we do." my mother said .

" YESSSSS FUCK RIGHT WE'RE ALL LEAVING BEST DAY FUCKING EVERRRRRR" Liv said jumping out the chair dancing around the house. We were all laughing hard as hell at her, she has always been the biggest weird goofball. I love that about her she's always herself no matter where she's at and who she's around, and that didn't bother her at all.

"Well when do we plan on leaving you guys?" mom asked

" Well was hoping we could leave first week of December like December 3rd , which is a Friday or Saturday" 2nd mom said.

" That gives us three weeks to pack everything up. So start getting rid of stuff we never use or don't need anymore" I said.

"We're not selling our houses because we will come back for like breaks and things so we can come back visit and things like that" 2nd mom said.

"Okayy well since I drove my dented ass car him I'm going back to the house I love you guys, kisses" Liv said as she got up and left the house.

Man I love my sister to death I have no idea what I would do without her. We may not be blood but we got the bond that everyone has tried to break but can't. Now Monday we gotta figure out a way to explain to our friends that we're moving to NC. We now hang out with the same people. Her boyfriend Brandon is my best friend, then there's Ashley the hoe of the group, Liv's best friend Amber, then Ashley's best friend Jasmine, and then well there's me and Liv. So its Liv, Brandon, me, Ashley, Jasmine, and Amber. I got on Instagram just scrolling liking pictures. I went upstairs to my room and started looking at things that I didn't want or need anymore, but everything I had I got for a reason but maybe I can sell everything and start over. Hmm nahhh I like all my things I'm gonna keep them. So I started packing things little at a time, well basically the things I wasn't going to use in these next 3 weeks.

​*​Liv's POV:

I was in the house putting things in a pile that was giving to Goodwill instead of throwing it in the trash. Then everything else I started packing some things that I know for sure I'm not about to use. It was already like 4:30pm sooo babe will be here soon which makes me extremely fucking happy, but it also makes me sad cause I have to tell him that I'm moving. I took off my shoes and put them back in their little cubby with one shoe out like how footlocker and stuff is. While I was packing and shifting things around I got a message from my baby saying he was pulling up so I took off my hoodie and put on a blue spaghetti strap t-shirt and sat on the steps and slid down, yes I'm a goofball.

I had my Snapchat open ready to show my baby off, and open the door. He was walking up the drive way shining his pearly white teeth at me, I started recording him when he got closer. " Y'all look at my baby coming to see me after practice don't I feel like the happiest girl in the world!!" I said excitedly "babe stop man" he said right before it ended. "Baby when did u get the iPhone 7" he asked me while walking in and grabbing my phone. "ummm couple days ago like it baby" "I mean u got the same color, but yea baby I like it"  he went in the kitchen and grabbed him a drink and came back to sit down on the couch with me. I moved my legs and put them on top of his and he started putting me on his Snapchat.

​Brandon's POV:

Man lord knows how much I love my princess. I don't know what hell I would do without her. almost 10 months together. I remember when I first met her.


​" OH MY FUCKING GOSH I AM SO, SO SORRY I REALLY DIDNT MEAN TO HIT YOU IN THE FACE. SEE I TALK WITH MY HANDS AND YOU WERE WALKING BY THEN BOOM OMG I AM SOOOO SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME" the green eyed short girl said helping me off the ground. "Damn ma you got a hell of a punch remind me to never make you mad or some shit" "hahaha very funny pleaseee lemme make it up to you" she asked " well usually before I get punched in the face I know the persons name" I laughed. " My name is liv" " so liv I'm Brandon, but um take me to dinner" I smirked . I mean aye she a cute lil thing and I could use some of her in my life. " I don't care just let me do something to make it up to you" Liv pleaded. "  " pick you up at 6 be ready baby girl here's my number text me address" I smiled and walked off to class.


"BABYYYYY HELLLOOOO" Liv yelled snapping her fingers at me. " What baby I'm sorry I was thinking bout the day you punched me in the face" I said laughing.

"A date to never forget January 16, 2016 , damn baby next Wednesday is our 10 months. Did you think me punching you in the face would lead to us almost a year together." my baby said laughing.

" baby you funny, but yea I planned it all out" I told her . She then sat up and all of a sudden got this sad facial expression on her face . " Baby what's wrong" I asked her getting concerned.

"Baby we need to talk and its really serious" she said her eyes started watering which meant she was bout to start crying in 5 seconds."

"Baby we're moving, that's why we're not in my room cause it's a mess with things everywhere that I'm packing and  stuff." she explain balling her eyes out. I sat there stunned, not knowing what to say. I swear you could here my heart break in to pieces.....

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