My Dumb Love Life

"OMGG MOM WHY ARE WE MOVING 100 SOME MILES AWAY" I said. I'm Olivia Harrisburg, but I goby Liv/Livy. We live in SC but all of our family are in NC. I don't know how I'm bout to tell my friends and boyfriend that I'm moving allll the way to NC. I mean its only an hour away , but that's still far away for me. I'm a super shy person and don't like new schools with people I don't know.


3. Chapter 3

​Liv's POV:

      I woke up before every one. I don't know why to be honest. Anyway, but y'all remember when before I took my nap with chandler, while I was watching my YouTube videos my phone flashed. Yea, well I have a boyfriend. That was him texting me, yes I have a slack ass reply game but in my defense I didn't know it was him I thought it was just a Instagram notification. Anyway when I wake up I check all my messages then all my social media and blah, blah, blah. My boyfriends name is Brandon , we've been dating for like almost 9 months.

*Brandon and I's text*       ​"Hey baby I just came from football practice" 3:00pm   "Good morning my beautiful African princess lol hope you slept great and got all your beauty sleep" 9:00am

Y'all I swear it's so cute when he calls me his " African princess" , cause it's funny as hell. I'm mixed with Black, Indian, and white. My mom is Indian and White and well my dads black  so I'm like this mocha latte color and Brandon is black but he's milk light chocolate black with the most perfect curls in his head lmao sheesh, but anyway back to the messages.

"Morning baby sorry I didn't reply yesterday I was with bubba and then I fell asleep" I replied to him he then text back instantly with :  

"It's cool babe I'll be over there sometime tonight after practice okay babe I love you, I'll talk to you on our next break okay."

"okay baby I love you too, and if you don't see my moms car then we're at Chandlers house so slide by there too babe."

"gotchu baby gotta go"

​* End of messages*

After I read his message I went to my laptop and played Pandora blue tooth it to my speaker and went to hop in the shower. While I was in the shower I decided that since Brandon was coming tonight then I could tell him the heartbreaking news. I washed a few times and soaked my hair and then hopped out. I heard the door bell ring so I hurried and put on my fluffy pastel purple towel that had the little Velcro strip thingy, because I knew that I was the only one up at 9:30 in the morning. "Now who in the hell is ringing the damn doorbell at fucking 9:30 in the damn morning" I mumbled when I got to the door. When I opened the door it was the UPS guy with a package.

"Package for Chandler Cochran"

"Yes that's my brother I sign it." I said while grabbing the package and setting it to the side to sign the little thing. I gave it back to him and said have a nice day and closed the door. It was probably some porno magazines that he didn't want his parents seeing, shaking my head. I left the package where it was and went back up stairs. Every time I here Chandlers last name it just gives me the giggle cause he doesn't like it so he rarely says it. The conversation we had on his name was so funny.  


"So tell me what your last name chandler" I asked while we sat on my couch talking about anything and everything.

"Hell no I can't stand my last name it's so, so white. I'm not racist or anything I just don't like it sooo no I'm not gonna tell you"

"Okay I guess lol don't be so snappy about it damn."

  "Oh shut up my last name is Cochran okay shit damn you happy"

"yes I am very happy you told me. And hey it's not that bad you damn dumbass. Mines Harrisburg soooo mines more white than yours , you big dumb dummy. Just because you all dark skin don't mean you have to have a light skin person name."

"Okay I guess, shit man anyway".....


I got up the stairs and went into my closet and picked out some white ripped jeans with a big hole in one of the thighs and a grey ' Not Today Bitch' crop top hoodie and some pink and white Jordan 12s. I went to my desk where my laptop, make-up, and school stuff sit. I moved my school work and laptop out the way and started doing my make-up. I decided to have a normal make-up day and did all my concealer, foundation blah, blah, blah, I decided that I was going to do a gold and black smoky eyeshadow and some nude lipstick. By this time it was almost 11:45am, so I went into my bathroom too my big ass full body mirror and took a few pictures for Snapchat and Instagram.

I started getting hungry so I went downstairs to get my keys and go get some brunch, Starbucks or something of the sort. I grabbed my keys and walked out the house. Our drive way is so damn long it makes no sense. Okay yall know Michael from GTA5? If not look it up, well look up the front of his house at least, but our driveway is like 2 of those. I walked down the driveway and got in my matte blacked out 2015 challenger. No I don't have the 16 cause I don't like the way the 2016s look, they kinda ugly as hell. When I drove off I turned on my radio to see what was playing. Anyway I stopped at chick-fil-a first then I stopped and  then I stopped at Starbucks cause ya girl got a 40 dollar Starbucks card. 

Right when I was about to pull off I got a message from Chandler telling me to bring him a smoothy from this smoothy place right down the street from the house. I put my phone down and pulled out of the parking lot. I was just driving minding my own business and BOOM somebody hits me.............

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