My Dumb Love Life

"OMGG MOM WHY ARE WE MOVING 100 SOME MILES AWAY" I said. I'm Olivia Harrisburg, but I goby Liv/Livy. We live in SC but all of our family are in NC. I don't know how I'm bout to tell my friends and boyfriend that I'm moving allll the way to NC. I mean its only an hour away , but that's still far away for me. I'm a super shy person and don't like new schools with people I don't know.


2. Chapter 2

Liv's POV:


"We have to move back to NC"...

"OMGG MOM ARE KIDDING ME WHY ARE WE MOVING 100 SOME MILES AWAY" I somewhat yelled. She knows I hate moving, but the main thing I'm worried about is what I'm going to tell my friends Monday. Shit fuck all that I need to figure out how I'm going to tell Chandler this dumb shit. As we were talking we here chandler coming down the stairs rubbing his eyes.

" Hey bubbaaa sleep like a little baby did you?"

" yess mann but y'all somewhat woke me up kinda heard everything in my sleep, so why are y'all suppose to be moving and why?"
"Well I'd like to be closer to my mother and with her dad leaving us things have gotten harder for us to be living in this amazing house. I mean he sends us money but I need to be near my mother and I don't know how we gonna do this, but its gonna work some how" my mom said damn near crying her eyes out. 

"But mom you know how hard it is for me to go to new places this is my junior year and Chandlers senior year why are you doing this to us. I can't do this you know I can't do this" I started breathing hard starting to have a panic attack. 

​Chandler's POV:

"Yo, yo Liv calm down chill. You know you got asthma and you can't be having panic attacks over this stuff." I told Liv after she finished talking. Yo I'm like sleepy as hell no shirt just Richland high school football sweatpants. I'm lowkey mad as fuck that they moving all the way to fucking North Carolina like why the fuck would she move when it's my last year, but I understand it because her dad left and they somewhat been struggling since they got here since they left right before he left them. I'm gonna try and have my mom and dad move too cause I cant be away from my little sister she's my whole life and she keeps me from fighting and I do the same so I have no idea how this is bout to work.

"Soo can I move with you guys because you know we keep each other out of so much trouble. Remember all them fight she got into freshman year?" I asked Ms. Adrieana aka 2nd mom.

" I mean you have to talk to your parents I can say yes all day , but in all reality its up to YOUR parents, and yes I do and I love you for that son. I love you as my own child, because you've put a male figure in my baby girls life. You've helped her more than I could when someone broke her heart." 2nd mom explained to me.


"Look we're going to go to Chandlers house tomorrow and talk to his parents sine he wants to one and then I promise we'll get a house just like this I promise you that, because we cant live in a house we don't absolutely love. We'll still have a 5 bedroom house and all of that okay and now you can re decorate like you've been planning for 2 months now" 2nd mom explained to both of us

"Y'all can we finish talking about this in the morning its almost 11:30 we've been talking about this since what fucking 9;45 or some shit lets just lets all go to sleep." I said tiredly to everyone.

"Okay you're right chandler, mom I love you see you in the morning." said Liv as she started up the stairs. Damn mann lets see what my parents say tomorrow as we sit like one big ass family and talk about this. I mean My parents don't work we sitting on lottery money. A Year before Liv came my parents won 350 million on Powerball. We really did spend much cause we still sitting on 245 million so you know how that shit go. We can jump up and leave when we want to. So yea I got in the room and was gone as soon as I hit that bed


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