My Dumb Love Life

"OMGG MOM WHY ARE WE MOVING 100 SOME MILES AWAY" I said. I'm Olivia Harrisburg, but I goby Liv/Livy. We live in SC but all of our family are in NC. I don't know how I'm bout to tell my friends and boyfriend that I'm moving allll the way to NC. I mean its only an hour away , but that's still far away for me. I'm a super shy person and don't like new schools with people I don't know.


1. Chapter 1

Liv's POV:

   Today was honestly a regular school day so I'm not going to talk bout all that.  


​* At home*


I had just got back home from school. I walked in my 2 story house, ran upstairs and went into the room that had the big "L" on it. Which obviously stood for Liv. I opened my Mac Book and went to Pandora and started playing music. Let me explain the way my room is. Okay so on one side you have my walk-in closet next to it is my walk-in bathroom with my big mirror against the wall and then the shower/tub on the back wall. Then my bed is a normal king size with PINK sheets and covers. My walls are grey , at the top I have white Christmas lights around the walls. Then I have pictures of my friends and I everywhere.


While I was jamming to my music , I decided to jump in the shower. I wiped off my make-up and hopped in the shower. In the shower. I heard my phone constantly going off since my music wasn't that loud. I washed a few times and washed my hairs then got out. I wrapped a towel around my hair and then put on my blue fluffy robe. My favorite song ' I hate you , I love you' came on. I grabbed my phone to see of text from my "brother". He's like a brother to me cause originally I'm from NC but in the summer of going to 6th grade we moved to SC. Soo Chandler who is a year older than me has been there for me since I started school and that is why I consider him my brother.


 Anyway off track he texted me saying he was on his way which was 5 minutes ago so he should be pulling up in a minute or so, since he lives right in the other neighborhood. I went into the closet and put on some Adidas shorts a Nike shorts bra and some PINK socks. I changed my belly ring to a elephant which is my favorite animal that my best friend bought me. I came out the closet and the door bell rang. I grabbed my laptop and phone and went downstairs. I set everything on the couch and opened the door for chandler.

"Did you get my message missy" , He said.

"yes I did , but I was also in the shower when you texted me" I said as I was walking back to where I put my stuff and turned on the TV and tossed him the remote. I sat on the couch and got on my laptop and went to watch some YouTube videos that I've missed. Chandler sat next to me and I moved my legs and put them on top of his.

"So where is ma at?" he asked.

" I have no idea she wasn't here when I got home from school so who knows." as soon as I finished my sentence my phone started ringing and it read " Ma'dre " , so I obviously answered. Now everyone knows my dad walked out on me and my mom when I was like 7 years old. I don't know why til this day. I never got an explanation on why he left us.

"Yesssssss"   " what are you doing?" "nothing on the laptop chilling with chandler."

"okay well I'll be home soon"

"okay byeee love youuuu please bring me a chocolate chip frappe from Mcdonalds" 

" I guess bye baby" she said as she hung up the phone.

"That's why you getting chubby now all them chocolate chip frappes" Chandler joked as he flipped through the channels looking for something to watch. See I was what people called "slim thick", I was skinny in the right places but  I was chubby in the right places, if you know what I mean wink wink. He finally found something to watch, he got so zoned into ridiculousness. His laugh was so funny, he had that laugh that made other people laugh. as I put in my headphone to watch my videos I saw my phone flash. I didn't really feel like picking it up so I continued to watch my videos.

Next thing you know I was dead sleep. Y'all I fall asleep so damn fast its not even funny. Next thing you know Chandler fell asleep on me. I woke up to my mom coming in the house, but I didn't move a lot cause Chandler was still dead sleep on me. Like I said though me and Chandler weren't like that that's my brother he's like blood to me. My mom smiled at me and came in the house with food. My FAVORITE place too, which was zaxby's . She also had my chocolate chip frappe from Mcdonalds. I woke chandler up we ate then went upstairs. Sometimes chandler stays the night and its Friday so we knew he was staying this weekend.


Before I went back downstairs to talk with my mom like we normal do, I went and checked to see if chandler was okay and was once again knocked out cold wasn't even 10:00pm yet. I trotted downstairs to see my mom in the kitchen sitting at the island. she looked up at me and smiled. I was still dressed the same just my long wavy/curly burgundy  hair was up in a messy bun. My natural color is light brown but I dyed it burgundy. I went and sat with her at the island, she kinda looked upset about something.

" Babygirl we gotta talk" my mom said


"wassup mom what's wrong?"


"we have move back to NC".....

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