My Dumb Love Life

"OMGG MOM WHY ARE WE MOVING 100 SOME MILES AWAY" I said. I'm Olivia Harrisburg, but I goby Liv/Livy. We live in SC but all of our family are in NC. I don't know how I'm bout to tell my friends and boyfriend that I'm moving allll the way to NC. I mean its only an hour away , but that's still far away for me. I'm a super shy person and don't like new schools with people I don't know.


5. Author's Note :)

​Author's Note //

Hellooo viewers :) If you like this book please don't forget to heart and favorite so you can know when I update. Even though school starts back up in a couple days I will still be updating everyday because I get out at 2:15 everyday. I would really appreciate it if you told me how you felt about the book, and what you think should happen next. With no one hearting, favoring, or comment how they feel about the book it makes me feel like I'm just writing this book for no reason. I will allow constructive 
criticism that will help make my book better, but hate comments will be deleted.

I love you all who view my book I will most likely update chapter 5 later today or early tomorrow depending on how I fell and how I decide I want to start the next chapter. Just in case you were wondering Some of this I type as I go, well mostly all of it. I just remember what I said in the last chapter and just let the thoughts come to me as I start typing. Some times I do get a writers block so I will ask you guys to comment what should happen or what you think will happen.  I will check the comments and reply to you guys.

Also even though I'm barely half way done there willll be a sequel to it because I'm really starting to like how I'm making this book. Oh, oh, oh, oh ask questions in the comments I love question just incase you get confused I would love to unconfuse you tehe. Or they can be random question that you want to know, because I love all my fans :) But bye for now my little love bug


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