Destiny was 13 years old, a fangirl and was absolutely obsessed with the band 5 Seconds Of Summer. She listened to them every second she could and supported them through everything. One day she heard they were coming to town and meeting fans. Will love spark? Will hate? Find out here ;)


2. chapter two/a/n

*A/N; Sorry for slow update. Lmfao. Alright Luke will be in this chapter okay? okay :-)*


"Should I wear this or this?" My best friend, Hazel, asked over Facetime. She was showing me two different dresses that were, indeed, stunning and would absolutely look amazing on her. I shrugged. "You know, both of them are pretty nice." Hazel rolled her eyes and flopped on her bed, me along with her. "Your such a useless bitch." Her smile appeared on my screen. I did the same. "Well same to you, you heartless retard." Hazel gave me her award winning grin. "Hey, Des?" I made a small noise as I noted to her that I heard. "Do you think Ashton will ever fall in love with me?" I laughed harder than I've ever had in a month. I wiped the tears that had rolled down my cheeks. "Oh, Haz." I giggled a little and took a deep breath. "Maybe. I hope they have a new concert soon." Hazel nodded. "Me too." Suddenly I heard the car door to my Mother's Jeep close. "Crap, Haz, I got to go." Hazel grinned her goofy grin. "You didn't read the bible?" I gave my toothy grin back at her. "I didn't read the bible." Then the call ended and I opened to page 153 and pretend like I was deep in the book. As if it was timed correctly, my mother swung the door open and she had her hands on her hips. 
"Honey, I'm home." She said in her light, "oh-your-my-sweet-angel" voice. I rolled my eyes and groaned. Honestly, I would rather read the bible than listen to my mom's dreadful sweet-talk voice. "I know." I said, my voice sassier than what I wanted it to be. She huffed her annoying breath of hers. "Well then, I won't tell you anything about what happened at work." "I don't want to know.." I mumbled softly. "About 5sos."

I snapped my head around and faced her. "What? What about them?" She grinned. "Now I got your attention." I rolled my eyes. "Are you messing with me again?" She shook her head. "No des. I promise. " I sighed. "Okay, what about them?" She smiled softly, pressing her lips together. "Go downstairs." I shrugged. I assumed she got me a whole shit load of 5sos merchandise. 

As I stepped downstairs I heard familiar voices. Way to familiar voices. It was them. At first I thought it was our dumb television but i stepped into the kitchen and the first pair of eyes I met, was of the one and only Luke Hemmings. 

Oh my god I must be dreaming.

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