Destiny was 13 years old, a fangirl and was absolutely obsessed with the band 5 Seconds Of Summer. She listened to them every second she could and supported them through everything. One day she heard they were coming to town and meeting fans. Will love spark? Will hate? Find out here ;)


1. chapter one/a/n

[ A/N: I hate my phone. I promise there's a cover but.. I hate my phone. Okay enjoy. I hate having to retype everything. This is my like 400TH TIME WRITING THIS BC I KEEP EXITING OUT AND IT ERASES EVERYTHING OK HERE ENJOY]



It was Wednesday. That meant my mom had to pester me to read the damn bible tonight. Sure I believed in god, but I wasn't that religious to the point where I don't cuss or drink or eat certain things. I often wonder if my god above is dissatisfied with my behavior. So there I am, sitting on my rock hard bed, jamming to 5 seconds of summer, my fingers tapping along with the rhythm. I heard the familiar knock of my mothers knuckles clicking against the door.


I rolled my Hazel eyes, the sun starting to gather its strength to sink down into the horizon.

I didn't answer. Being the bitch that I was, I turned up my music.

My mom knocked louder.

"Destiny Mable Clemmings open this door."

I was sometimes grateful for my last name. It was Muke as fuck.

I sighed loudly and rolled my eyes.

I climbed off my bed and clicked the door open, the lock turned so it could now be opened whenever someone wanted.

"Destiny.." Mom said, wagging her finger, gesturing towards the holy bible. "It's bible time!" Her bubbly attitude towards the whole thing irritated me. She was big on a "no cussing policy" and crap like that.

I rolled my eyes and thank heaven she didn't catch me.

She walked along, a bounce in her step, inside my disastrous room, plucking the Bible up from my desk. She handed the heavy object in my direction. I took it with attitude and lie on my bed, flipping to page 145. "I'll be back in 5 hours. I have errands to run." I nodded. "Ok mom. Bye." My mom smiled, leaning against the door frame. "Love you." She cooed.

I acted as if I were reading intently.

"I said I love you." I still didn't answer her.

I heard her sigh angrily and she shut my door forcefully.

Usually when she "left for 5 hours" I'd listen to 5sos or FaceTime my friends.

So that's exactly what I did.

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