The Tech Quest: 1 The Mysterious Warrior

A wizard chooses the most brave and teenaged boy to help him with his quest to retrieve the hidden crystals in a kingdom called Greenlawe that hold mighty power. They find the mysterious world and the only thing standing is their way is an evil wizard with all sorts of technology...


1. Wizard Arulo

This was completely crazy! Ever since Joe was born years old his mysterious mother left him with his farther then his farther left him on his own once he turned fourteen now Joe was left in his house on his own.


Joe was a nice boy, he didn't have any friends but he was a nice boy. Now Joe had green eyes lice a circle of grass and he had hair glistening, golden blonde hair that covered his left eye and he was very fit and healthy. Joe trained everyday and he even learnt combat with weapons. He was very organised and he always followed his daily schedule, he even studied technology. Now you must be thinking Hmm how can this teenaged boy fit all of these things in one day and that's because of his DAILY SCHEDULE!

1. Wake up

2. Shower

3. Breakfast / clean house

4. Study time

5. Combat / fitness time

6. Take a rest by playing computer games

7. Bed time

But today was different while Joe was having egg for breakfast he turned on the news.

"A wizard has been found rushing around trying to find a brave boy capable to come on an adventure with him, he claims to have come from underground and everyone has gone COMPLETELY CRAZY!!!"

"Hmm that sounds interesting I am going to meet this wizard at the Town Hall," Joe said to himself beaming. So he finishes his breakfast like lightning, puts on his long green coat and rushes out of the house like a cheetah racing another.


Twenty minutes later he reaches the empty Town Hall and he saw an old person with a long thin beard and a blue hat on his head at the fountain in the middle of the hall floating around frantically. "Err... Excuse me are you looking for a brave boy," Joe shouts as his speech echoes several times.

"Yes you are the boy I was looking for, I knew it would be somebody who was not afraid of me," the wizard said as he closed his eyes in peace.

"Wait, who are you anyway?" questioned Joe.

"I am the mysterious wizard Arulo," he replied. "And you are...?"

"I'm Joe, I study technology I do combat and I am fit," Joe said beaming.

"Ah, then you are the one I am, looking for," Arulo said smiling.



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