The Tech Quest: 1 The Mysterious Warrior

A wizard chooses the most brave and teenaged boy to help him with his quest to retrieve the hidden crystals in a kingdom called Greenlawe that hold mighty power. They find the mysterious world and the only thing standing is their way is an evil wizard with all sorts of technology...


2. Underground Technology

"Now what are you going to do with me?" Joe asked tilting his head slightly left. The old man said some weird words and a vision of a peculiar landscape that was almost completely green. "I am going to take you to take you to a kingdom called Greenlawe," Arulo  replied  as he moved to the left so Joe could inspect the vision closely. Joe eyed the vision and squinted his eyes. Then it disappeared in an enormous puff of green smoke. "So Arulo, how will we get to this world? Joe implored.

"Easy!" Arulo said, "First we need to get underground." Suddenly the floating man started to say some weird words again and Joe stared at him in disgust, then the wizard touched Joe on the shoulder and they both teleported to an underground room.


This room was CRAZY with technology it had high- tech computer screens that went all around the room. "Now Joe lets see if you were telling the truth," Arulo said crossing his arms. He gave Joe a special, neon sword and generated a robot two times the size of Joe. "Try to defeat the robot," Arulo said raising his eyebrow.

"Err... Arulo, the robot isn't on," said Joe puzzled.

"Aha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaa, Did you really think I was going to make you fight in this room," Arulo laughed as his voice echoed several times.

"Oh," Joe said as he swept the floor with his right foot. Then the wizard started saying them crazy words once again. Quick as a flash the room turned into a battlefield and the robot and Joe got ready to fight.

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