The Tech Quest: 1 The Mysterious Warrior

A wizard chooses the most brave and teenaged boy to help him with his quest to retrieve the hidden crystals in a kingdom called Greenlawe that hold mighty power. They find the mysterious world and the only thing standing is their way is an evil wizard with all sorts of technology...


3. The Great Fight

"Three, two, one... GO!" bellowed Arulo as loud as a lion. Joe knew he was fighting something two times the size of him so he started defending to study the robots attacks, so the robots first attack was to strike Joe on the chest with his enormous metal fist. So Joe flips over the powerful fist and bashes the neon blade on the robots back, the robot turns around quickly with the metal sword arms length away from him to try to slam Joe on the shoulder with his mighty sword. Joe jumps and kicks the blade away with the soul of his shoe and then twists around, as quick as a flash, and slashes his sword on the immense metal giants chest. Angry and furious the robot tries to trip Joe over but Joe uses his wits and quick thinking and summersaults over the powerful steel body and lands as silently as a ninja. Joe rubs his silky hand on his sword and grabs the blade, Joe eyes the silver chest and dashes towards it. His sword glows like a firework and he jumps (sword first) into the giant robots chest. Joe had never done something so dangerous so he closes his eyes in the process.


After that Joe opens his eyes and he finds himself on his feet and two pieces of metal lying on the ground lifeless. "What a great fight! I never knew you could do something so dangerous Joe," Arulo laughed in complete astonishment. Soon after that Joe turned to look at the damaged pieces of steel and Arulo started saying the crazy words AGAIN! Suddenly the battlefield changed into the underground base Arulo showed Joe a while ago. "What's next Arulo?" implored Joe as Arulo took out a giant rusty book and placed it on a shiny black table. "Oh, forget that, what are you doing and what is that enormous book?" Joe questioned.

"Well Joe, this is the book where I learn then 'crazy words' you always think when I say the magic SPELLS!" Arulo said as he squinted his eyes. Joe looked embarrassed and gulped down hard. "Sorry about that," he said.

"That's fine, now Joe to answer your first and second question. What's next is for me to learn these words so we can get to Greenlawe," Arulo said. Now Arulo learnt the words quickly and said them, in a puff of yellow smoke a portal to Greenlawe generated. "Come on Joe," said Arulo said he cautiously walked in. Joe followed behind...

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