Escaping Reality

Vivian McDowel is a nobody. She's the girl that sits in the middle of the class and associates herself with nobody, not even anybody but the characters in her book. She feels like an imaginary world, the vast creation of one's mind, is her only escape from the harsh eyes of reality. That is until she meets Mr. Hotshot, by fault, not a choice.


3. Three

So, it’s been a few weeks since I started High School all over again and surprisingly it’s not that back when you have friends. Yes. I said FRIENDS. Nathalie openly introduced me to a small yet great group of girls who gladly let me in on their friendship group. I haven’t opened myself up to them entirely though, not even Nathalie.

Anyway, there’s Sacha who has a gorgeous mocha brown skin color with dazzling chocolate eyes to match, her hair isn’t an afro however it is reasonably big and curly, she has a spectrum piercing which she must flip up into her nostrils for school otherwise she gets in deep crap, and cannot go anywhere without her mauve purple lip and eyebrows. It’s basically her signature look.

And then there is Belle who is actually half Asian and half American just like me other than I’m Philippines and she’s Maldives. Her hair is real dark brown, almost black like Nathalie’s, she has capturing grey eyes which are extremely envy worthy, I have only noticed that she has her nose pierced on the left side but only because of the small hole, my guess is that school make her take it out. Belle isn’t Belle without her eyeliner and nude lip, I learnt that pretty quick.

Lastly there is Nathalie who I learnt is Hispanic although her family originates from Dubai. She lives with her mom only as her parents divorced not too long ago. Nathalie unsurprisingly used to be one of the really popular girls but she said that she decided to turn away from it because it was stopping her from achieving the grades she knew she was capable of achieving, now she has a 3.8 GPA and is still dating Trent June (he’s popular still) but doesn’t see Nathalie any different now than he did when she was popular. They’ve been dating since junior year and are basically the power couple of the school, alongside Christina and Jason.

Anyways, I can already tell I have got myself a good set of friends, and they even respect my passion for reading! Nobody has ever respected that, if anything I used to be the loner because of the reading, now I’m sitting with three of the most gorgeous girls in the school and I’m glad that I met Nathalie because if it wasn’t for her I would most likely be sat in a toilet cubicle at lunch eating my dinner like Kady from Mean Girls.

“So,” Nathalie started, “Trent told me that Evan is having this bomb party this Friday and he said that you’re all welcome to come, but you have to bring your own drinks.”

The girls and I smiled, “That’s so dope!” mused Belle.

“You guys up for it?” Sacha and Belle nodded whilst I just sat there biting the inside of my lip, “How about you V?”

I looked up. Shit what do I say? “Well, I’ve never been to a party before and I don’t know if my mom will let me…”

“Girl, you can only ask her, there ain’t nothing to lose from asking.” Sacha smiled. Nathalie and Belle both agreed.

“If you want, I’ll come around yours tonight and you can ask her then, therefore she can be sure of it if I’m there to back you up.”

After a split moment of thinking I thought ‘what the heck’ and agreed earning a nod of approval from all three.

Summer was still in season so it was reasonable weather for me and Nathalie to walk back to mine instead of getting the bus. Trent walked us both to the Vall. The Vall is a park or no, it’s a field where many people from school go to get drunk and just have a relaxed time. Anyway, he then decided he couldn’t be bothered in the slightest to walk home so he rang Evan to pick him up. After Nathalie and I said bye, we began to walk again. The smooth breeze in the air blew my hair over my shoulders, and gave me a scent of my own perfume which I must admit, I quite enjoyed. Wait, is that weird?

“Is that you Vivian?” My mom called.

Nathalie always laughs when my mum does that and I don’t know why, “And me Mrs McDowell!”

“Oh hello Nathalie!”

“Hey mom…” I trail off, following her back into the kitchen – where else is she, ever – and Nathalie followed behind.


Looking at Nathalie she moved her hands in a gesture to day ‘go on’ so I took a breath in before saying, “There is this Party on Friday at Nathalie’s boyfr-“

“You can go.”

I shook my head, “What?!”

My mothered turned to me, her face caring and her hands now on my face, “I said you can go, I mean you’re 18 now Vivian, I can’t keep you in the nest forever now, can I?”

I saw Nathalie smirk through the corner of my eye as I gave my mother an indulging hug, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

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