Escaping Reality

Vivian McDowel is a nobody. She's the girl that sits in the middle of the class and associates herself with nobody, not even anybody but the characters in her book. She feels like an imaginary world, the vast creation of one's mind, is her only escape from the harsh eyes of reality. That is until she meets Mr. Hotshot, by fault, not a choice.


1. One

Beams of light seemed to project themselves through the small splits within the sheer curtains - which fell like flowing water, covering my window - as dusk fell upon our neighbourhood. The ruffling of sheets and my unamused groans were the only sounds within my sleeping humble abode. You could vaguely hear my parents drastic attempts to stay as quiet as possible on the other side of the door as they tiptoed down the creaking stairs, not making my morning any more better. I tried and failed to drift back into the wonders of my mind, closing my eyes and covering my entirety with the sheets in desperate need of shutting the natural light out of my face. Going back to sleep obviously isn't an option here.

My fatigued body seemed to try and give in as I finally stood straight, my feet buried in the softness of the sand coloured carpet which had just been installed. Without any thought, I grabbed my phone to check the time - 6:45am. I couldn't help but let a loud inner moan of disappointment. It's Wednesday, and quite frankly a good day for some as it means the middle of the week. But for me, it's the day I have to go to school in Ohio for the first time and try to make friends, even with the knowledge that making friends seemed utterly impossible for me.

I'm no stranger to moving around. My family are always changing locations due to my fathers job. He's in the army, which means whenever he's stationed in another state, we all have to move. A big up on the moving though, is that the Army Selections or 'headquarters' find you a home and pay half of your rent for you, which helps mom and dad in the long run I suppose. Having to move almost three times a year with two children must be horrific, and get this, mum is pregnant again! Which means mwah will have to up her game and actually help out round the house.

"See you later jaffacake."

That means dad has gone to work already. Early shifts and long hours. I feel empathy for him sometimes, but he doesn't like it when people feel sorry for him, he just goes 'if it puts a roof over our heads and bread on the table then I can't complain' which is true of course but still, he's 32, shouldn't he be retiring by now. I know he's still quite young but in army verteran years, he's a senior.

As soon as I walk into the kitchen, slopping sound like a zombie, I can see my mother stood at the hob, now and then shaking the pan to make sure whatever is inside of it is nicely cooked. Of course my mother is humming away at an unknown song of her imagination whilst she does so, not really paying attention to her beloved daughters entrance until I cough awkwardly to 'clear' - gain attention - my throat.

"Oh I didn't see you there boo," She nervously laughs, "you're up early aren't you?"

I nod, "Guess so, yeah." All she does is smile back at me, before placing a plate of freshly cooked food before me.

The smell of the bacon and egg gifts up my nose every so often as I try my hardest to devour the whole plate. My little brother's small hands struggled to grip the fork, even with it being a kid friendly fork, his poor soul struggles still. Giving up hope, my mom huffed humorously before amending his aid.

Rain began to spill from the sky as if it was coming out of a shower head, dark clouds dominated over the once somewhat blue mirror in the sky. Thunder began to growl, feeling as if th ground began to shake slightly as I entered the not nearly warm building I'd be calling school for however long.

I inhaled deeply, looking down the never ending corridor, my head becoming slightly dizzy from the nerves. No matter how many times I've done this, its still as frightening as the last time.

Well, here goes nothing.

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