Green and Purple Hearts

After becoming mentally unstable after a rough break up, Eden must build up the strength to start trusting people again. After Months of trying to trust people and failing, in fear that someone will hurt her again, she loses all hope. That is, until she reconnects with an old friend of hers from the previous year. When they talk more, the more Eden sees her world looking up. But then things get complicated. They both have each others backs and will never let each other go, but life is life, and it's not perfect. So what will happen when things seem too perfect? Will it mean finally a light at the end of the tunnel for Eden, or will she get hurt and hit the ground hard again, like every time before?


2. Chapter One: Just A Purple Heart

                                                                         Just A Purple Heart

                                                                                      - - -

"I guess being overly paranoid was just a thing I had, one of my flaws. After everything that's happened it's understandable to never trust another person. Every time I look at someone and every time they speak, I am always afraid of the possibility that everything they're saying is a lie. Does that make me crazy, or cautious?" 

                                                                                      - - - 

I guess you could say that being overly paranoid ran in Eden's family. Every time another person opened their mouth to speak, before even hearing what they had to say, Eden was always terrified that they would lie. Everything was a lie to Eden, these days. Never trusting humanity with the gift of the truth. Never believing one single adventurous story, and never wanting to. Maybe that was to protect Eden, who's to say. But all she knew is that it drove her insane, inside. Eden always saw the good in people, however. Even though no one could be trusted, in her book. Trust takes months or years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair. Eden's trust had been broken once, and once was just enough to send her mind to dangerous places. But one thing Eden never dared admit to anyone was just how terrified of the world she was. Sure, she was fearless and daring, and not really afraid of anything. Sure, the word fear meant nothin to her. But, as fearless as she was, lies were the one thing in this world that absolutely terrified her. Lies are what made her the way she was. Lies are what broke her. See, no one could fix Eden, and no one dared to try. Because us as humans, we see something broken and we immediately want to fix it, and put it back together. But it seemed that every person that had tried to fix Eden, had only cut their hands on Eden's broken pieces. Never again could she find someone who would try to carefully put her pieces back together. As a result, her innocence remained.


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