Green and Purple Hearts

After becoming mentally unstable after a rough break up, Eden must build up the strength to start trusting people again. After Months of trying to trust people and failing, in fear that someone will hurt her again, she loses all hope. That is, until she reconnects with an old friend of hers from the previous year. When they talk more, the more Eden sees her world looking up. But then things get complicated. They both have each others backs and will never let each other go, but life is life, and it's not perfect. So what will happen when things seem too perfect? Will it mean finally a light at the end of the tunnel for Eden, or will she get hurt and hit the ground hard again, like every time before?


1. Prologue:

Old Beginnings and New Endings


Eden couldn't shake the feeling that he was still gonna be there for her some random day, when she would least expect it. She knew he wouldn't, but her 'hopes' had clouded her better judgement at her present state of mind. Yet, somehow she kept convincing herself that everything had come 'crashing' down. But it was all just a part of losing someone you love, dearly. Coping, you could say, even though he  wasn't dead. But to her, he midas well be. To her, he basically was dead, after all. The person she fell in love with, well just didn't exist anymore. He was a faded, distant memory to her now. A whisper in the shadows, that she couldn't shake the cold feeling of its presence. His presence. Maybe things would look up someday for poor little Eden. But, sadly she knew the pain would go a little while longer. She knew she had to be strong, how could she not? It's what she's done from the very beginning of all of this. She did not know 'giving up' or 'asking for help' as an option, in her book. She was a lone wolf. And after what had happened; After not being a lone wolf for once in her life, for giving someone every ounce of her trust, and them letting her hit the ground hard; she intended to keep it that way. She intended to stay alone for a while. Maybe even forever if she had to. But, no one can be alone forever, and I think it was time for Eden to learn that. After all, Humans are made socialable for a reason. 


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