Musical Review #1 : Into the Woods

This musical review is based off of the 1989 taped production of Into the woods with the original Broadway cast although the show opened on Broadway November 5th, 1987. This is because the original cast decided to get together for three days (May 23,24,25) and film the show. A quick Reminder: These are just my opinions I'm putting out on the table.


4. The Actor's Review

The Actors Reviews

A quick note: I will only review what are in my mind the three most important characters of the show that I think make up the most part of the story.

Bernadette Peters (Witch): There are so many things you can say about Bernadette Peters so I'll try to contain myself. Personally... I think she was amazing in this role. She acts the hell out of the part and her inflection is just perfect. When she speaks her tone and facial expressions crack me up. My favorite line from Peters is in Act I when she's looking down from a box and yells, "WHO CARES! The cow is gone. Get it back. GET IT BACK!" Her singing is fantastic especially in "Lament" and "Last Midnight." it's extremely powerful and I feel like she's singing to the last seat of the theatre which is very appropriate for her role.

Chip Zien (Baker):  Chip Zien in my mind is my ideal baker. I see the baker as an actor who can sing. This means their acting is tremendous and there singing is also good but their acting is better. Sondheim even said he prefers the actor who can sing over the singer who can act. He has the skills as an actor. The only flaws I see during his performance is some parts of his emotional journey to me are missing but that's a pretty minor thing and some of his singing in " No More" isn;t my favorite but overall a wonderful performance.

Joanna Gleason (Baker's Wife): There is absolutely nothing I could hate about Joanna Gleason's performance is outstanding and I'm quite sure most if not everyone agrees with me because she won the Tony for best actress in a musical. She tells the story beautifully. She made me feel how desperately she wanted the child. Her comedic timing is better than anyone I've ever seen before... especially in her singing with her tone and gestures "Any Moment/ Moments in the Woods." 



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