Musical Review #1 : Into the Woods

This musical review is based off of the 1989 taped production of Into the woods with the original Broadway cast although the show opened on Broadway November 5th, 1987. This is because the original cast decided to get together for three days (May 23,24,25) and film the show. A quick Reminder: These are just my opinions I'm putting out on the table.


5. Overall

 Into the woods is one of my favorite shows of all time. I have seen over five different productions live and even more taped and by far this 1989 original cast production is the best I have ever seen. The show has the coolest story ever, I think that it's so cool that a group of people came together and thought that putting five major fairy tales together and making it a musical would be a good idea. The set for the time of the show is very advanced and it's simple yet beautiful which makes me believe in the saying less is more a lot more than I used to. The casting is perfect in my opinion and if they offered me the job of director I wouldn't have changed one piece of the casting. Overall I love this show and I encourage anyone to see it. It seems light and funny on the outside as a child but as you mature you realize the complex decisions these characters are facing.

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