Musical Review #1 : Into the Woods

This musical review is based off of the 1989 taped production of Into the woods with the original Broadway cast although the show opened on Broadway November 5th, 1987. This is because the original cast decided to get together for three days (May 23,24,25) and film the show. A quick Reminder: These are just my opinions I'm putting out on the table.


3. Cast List

Cast List

Narrator - Tom Aldredge
Cinderella - Kim Crosby
Jack - Ben Wright
Baker - Chip Zien
Baker's Wife - Joanna Gleason
Stepmother - Joy Franz
Florinda - Kay McClelland
Lucinda - Lauren Mitchell
Jack's Mother - Barbara Bryne 
Little Red Ridinghood - Danielle Ferland
Witch - Bernadette Peters
Cinderella's Father - Edmund Lyndeck
Cinderella's Mother - Merle Louise
Mysterious Man -Tom Aldredge
Wolf - Robert Westenberg
Rapunzel - Pamela Winslow
Rapunzel's Prince - Chuck Wagner
Grandmother - Merle Louise
Cinderella's Prince - Robert Westenberg
Steward - Philip Hoffman
Sleeping Beauty - Maureen Davis
Snow White - Cindy Robinson
Giant (Voice) - Merle Louise 


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