Daddy's Girl

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  • Published: 26 Dec 2016
  • Updated: 24 Jan 2017
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All he needed was some one to spoil. He felt lonely, and depressed. He just needed something, someone in his life to make him happy, so he can make them happy. And he soon plans to find the one, hopefully.

''I believe that if I treat her right, and let her know that I love, that she'll be happy again, and be loved. That's all I want, I just want her to completely happy.. She's the only thing I care about, and I want to prove it to her.. No matter what I have to do to get her to understand it.. I love her..''

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**WARNING: Mature/Adult/Sexual Content & Situations. Drug usable, alochol usage, extreme sexual scenes**


24. You're So Beautiful

Sexaul Part Are In This Chapther If You Are No Comfortable Please Dont Read! ~Angie       Emmy’s POV

My breath was taken from my body as I felt Harry’s hands grab my butt again, my lips connected to the side of his neck, just below his ear. ‘’Mmm, babe.. that feels really nice.’’ He hums into my ear as one of his hands moves up my back, fiddling with the hook on my bra.

‘’You’ve gotten like four on me.’’ He laughs lightly, putting both arms around my waist, pulling me closer to his body. I leaned up slightly to take a breath then suddenly he flipped us over, a deep chuckle leaving his mouth as he’s back on top of me now.

‘’I think.. that.. we need.. to get.. rid of this little.. thing.’’ Harry says between pecks against my lips. ‘’Mmm.. lean up, pretty girl.’’ He whispers lightly, leaning up some so that I could also come up.

I put my arms around his neck to hold myself up as he slides his arms around my torso, unclasping my bra. ‘’Alright, lie back down sweetheart.’’ He mumbles and removes his arms from my body.

I pull my arms back and softly lie onto the satin covers, my head pressed into the world’s softest pillow, it seems, it was like lying on a cloud. Harry snaps me from my thought as he removes my bra from my arms, throwing it in the floor with the rest of our clothing.

‘’Damn baby.’’ He hums as he leans down, one hand cupping my right breast as his lips press against my jawline. He begins to mumble sweet little nothings to me, slowly massaging my boob with his hand, it felt amazing, slow and hard, it was perfect.

‘’You’re so beautiful..’’ I moan as he continues the simple dirty talk and the grip on my breast. ‘’God knows he made you perfect.. just wanna fuck you senseless.. but then that would hurt my girl, so I don’t think so.’’ I feel his smirk against my cheek.

The pressure from my chest as released, but not even a second later, it returned but to the opposite side, Harry resting his other elbow beside my head, keeping his lips near me, close to my ear again.

“I’m scared.’’ I whisper lightly as he pushes his hips into my parted legs harder than before, letting me feel his huge erection. “Of what?’’ He mumbles with question to his soft tone.

I felt this feeling of nervousness, hesitation. I didn’t want to stop this, I was loving it. But yet, I didn’t want to be in pain, I didn’t want to make him feel bad, or rejected. Somehow, with God’s amazing grace, I got the courage.. and I just kept it honest.

‘’You.’’ I whisper into his ear. His hand moves from my breast, his elbows both holding him up over me, his chest pressing into mine. ‘’Of.. of me? Or.. or the sex?’’ He furrows his eyebrows lightly.

‘’Both.’’ I gulp lightly once again. ‘’What.. how..’’ He sighs, looking away from my eyes for a few seconds, but then bringing his gaze back on me. ‘’Why?’’ He asks, shaking his head just slightly at me, probably unsure and confused.

‘’I’m not.. scared of you.. I’m scared of.. the.. the sex.. and.. that part of you.’’ I say nervously, my voice cracking a little as I close my eyes, rolling my lips in a little, I was just nervous, that’s all it really was.

‘’You mean.. my size, don’t you?’’ He asks me softly. I nod a little, not opening my eyes though. ‘’I’m.. I’m sorry.’’ He hesitates at first, but then apologizes for no apparent reason. I sigh back, opening my eyes to meet his beautiful gaze, the sparkle in his eye as he looks into mine.

‘’No..’’ I whisper. ‘’Baby.. if you don’t want to.. we don’t have to, until you’re ready.’’ He insists, leaning up some. ‘’No! Please.’’ I say a tad too loud.

‘’I can’t.. I can’t.. change how big it is. I don’t want to hurt you. No matter how bad I really want this, I’m not going to go against my care. Babe, I just want you to be okay.. and comfortable.’’ He says, sighing lightly.

‘’I want it, Harry. I want it.’’ I say. He smiles at the sound of his name, then looks back to me. ‘’Okay. One condition.’’ He says. ‘’Okay, anything.’’ I smile lightly at him. ‘’You tell me if I hurt you, if you want to stop, you gotta tell me, okay?”

‘’Okay.’’ I smile gently, only a little though. ‘’You.. you want to keep going?” He mumbles, leaning down to brush his lips against mine. ‘’Yeah.’’ I whisper back, feeling his smile press against mine.

The feeling of his lips against mine, his body on mine, it made me feel.. something. I’m not really sure what exactly, but it just feels amazing, whatever it is though.

Harry pulled away from our kiss, winking as my eyes caught his. He began to inch down my body, his lips pressing a soft kiss onto my chin before he goes to my chest. The space between my breasts was the next spot for his lips to conceive.

I moaned lightly his lips brushed over my right nipple, teasing me a little. He hums against my skin, vibrating the area lightly which made me moan in return. Before I knew it, his mouth was around me, sucking lightly and nibbling slightly, probably trying not to hurt me.

He keeps it up for a few minutes before finally moving to the other, treating it the same way to make it fair and even. It was amazing, he’s amazing. This is amazing.

Harry’s POV

As I left a trail of soft, sweet kisses down to Emmy’s belly button, I felt her hand gently touch mine where it was laying on her breast, gripping it just a little to get her some pleasure.

I smirked lightly against her skin as my tongue flicked over her belly button ring, a cute little diamond covered ball that made her look even more adorable. She giggled a little as I let my other hand hold her waist, my fingers tickling her a little, on purpose of course.

Despite the cute responses I was getting out of her, I kept this train moving and lowered myself further down her body. Her panties were cute and simple, black lacy material that really turned me on.

I licked my lips as I hooked my finger under the thin waist band. I glance up at her as I hold myself up on my elbow. ‘’You okay with this?” I mumble lightly to her. She nods, her eyes staring straight into mine.

I slowly remove her panties from her body, sitting on my knees as I bring them over her ankles. As she’s free of them, she puts her legs back on the bed, spread out just a tad more than before.

As I take a deep breath, exhaling slowly, I toss her panties into the floor with the rest of our clothing. Her lips were in a gentle smile as she watched me lean back down between her, my arms going around her thighs so I can pull her as close as possible to my face.

‘’Remember, tell me to stop at any time.’’ I remind her in a light tone as I stare at the beauty God marked her with. It was like a new shiny toy, never been used, never been touched, never been opened.

She was shaved, her skin soft and smooth. I bite the inside of my cheek as I leaned a little closer, parting my lips a little. When my lips gently placed a kiss on her clit, it was like electricity sparked through her body, she gasped loud, her hand grabbing mine, lacing our fingers together.

‘’It’s okay baby.’’ I say to assure her it’s all going to be fine in the end. I go back down and use the tip of my tongue to gently, softly, barely lick her. She moans lightly, squeezing my hand tight.

‘’Please.’’ She mumbles. I feel a wave of confidence as I heard her beg for me. I smirked to myself before licking a broad, pressured swipe up her entire slit, making her moan a few times, keeping a tight grip on my hand still.

I keep that moan in my ears as encouragement to keep it up, keep going. I continue on then, giving her a few more good licks before bringing my free hand from around her thigh, spreading her so I could get more access.

She gasps as she feels my tongue against her clit while I suck on it, pulling her far more over the edge than she expected. ‘’Fu.. Mmm, God.’’ She doesn’t say the word, but I know she wants to, she really does.

I lean up a little, just enough to talk. ‘’C’mon baby, say it.. let the words slip as I give you what you want, darling.’’ I smirk as I know my dirty words have a huge effect on her, making her blush as always.

‘’Fuck!’’ The word left her lips like a sin as I sucked on her, nice and hard. I hum against her, making her moan some more, I knew that felt good, I could feel it myself. ‘’Harry.. please.’’ I felt her hand being placed on top of my head, pushing me down a little further.

I smirked lightly as her other hand gripped mine tight. Her fingers tangled into my hair as I kept on licking and sucking her, making my baby feel real nice. Just like that, just like I knew it, she was getting close.

‘’I think.. I think I’m gonna.. cum, Harry.’’ She cries out breathlessly, her fingers pulling at my hair a little at the feelings going on inside that beautiful body. I hum a response of approval against her since she won’t let me up to say anything, which was turning me on a lot.

My tongue speeds up and I heard her gasp, her hips shaking lightly. She was close, very close.I kept it up, speeding up, slowing down. And finally, for as long as I’ve been waiting, it happened.

She came for me.

‘’Oh my god! Harry! Fuck.. please.. Mmm.’’ She was loud, very loud. Her screams echoed in the bedroom as I got a new taste in my mouth, going down a little to her entrance, tasting her sweetness.

She was breathing heavily, keeping a hold of my hand, but her other one had moved from my hair. I’m not sure where it went, but I know I loved that I made her feel this way.

As I licked up the last of her cum, she let go of my hand for a second, then grabbing it again before I lean up, looking into her beautiful eyes. ‘’You taste so good.’’ I whisper, licking my lips, still getting some of her.

She blushes, gasping lightly for air. ‘’You okay, baby?’’ I ask raising my eyebrows a little at her. ‘’Yeah.. God.. you’re so good.’’ She whispers in return as my lips connect to hers. I let her kiss me for a few seconds before I pull way.

‘’Bet you tasted yourself, didn’t you? Amazing, hmm?’’ I smirk lightly before going back to her lips.    
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