Daddy's Girl

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  • Published: 26 Dec 2016
  • Updated: 24 Jan 2017
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All he needed was some one to spoil. He felt lonely, and depressed. He just needed something, someone in his life to make him happy, so he can make them happy. And he soon plans to find the one, hopefully.

''I believe that if I treat her right, and let her know that I love, that she'll be happy again, and be loved. That's all I want, I just want her to completely happy.. She's the only thing I care about, and I want to prove it to her.. No matter what I have to do to get her to understand it.. I love her..''

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**WARNING: Mature/Adult/Sexual Content & Situations. Drug usable, alochol usage, extreme sexual scenes**


38. My House, My Hand, My Girl

Emmy’s POV

‘’So uh, Haz, how’s the company goin’?’’ Niall asks. ‘’Haz?’’ I mumble lightly at that, curious. ‘’Yep. We’ve always called him that, Hazza or Haz.’’ Liam says, I honestly didn’t know any of them heard me.

‘’Good.’’ Harry says, not paying attention to what Liam said, probably didn’t even hear him. ‘’Oh.’’ I smile lightly, making a note in my head to use that later on. ‘’How’s the record label?’’ Harry asks Niall.

‘’Pretty good, just signed on a new band. They’re pretty good, hopefully they’ll make me some money.’’ Niall laughs. ‘’Enough about us. Emmy wha-‘’ ‘’You sure you don’t want to eat anything, babe?’’ Harry cuts Liam off.

‘’Harry, shut up. Liam’s talking.’’ I say, sighing lightly as I look back to Liam, waiting on that question. ‘’Feisty, eh?’’ Harry mumbles, his hand sitting on my thigh under the table. Liam laughs a little before continuing on, ‘’How are you liking New York? Harry told us you moved up here.’’

‘’Good, I like it a lot.’’ I say. ‘’Yeah, ‘cause Harry’s here.’’ Niall says. I try to ignore him, but it was sorta hard. ‘’You know, you have a really bad attitude.’’ I suddenly say, shocking everyone including myself.

Liam just sits there, stunned. Harry grins at Niall. ‘’Way to go, babe.’’ Harry says, leaning and kissing my forehead lightly. ‘’It’s alright, just ignore him.’’ He whispers seriously this time. I nod lightly as he turns his attention to Liam, sparking up a conversation.

I grab my purse from the floor after hearing my phone start ringing. I unzip it and grab it, seeing that’s it my mom so I answer quickly. ‘’Hello?” I say. From the corner of my eye I see Harry looking over at me, but I try not to let that distract me that much.

‘’Hey honey! I haven’t heard from you in a few days. How is it going up there?’’ Mom says, sounding happy to hear my voice. ‘’Um, fine. I’m really liking it. How’s everything down there?’’ I ask, curious to know what my family has been up to since I left.

‘’Good, good, good. Your dad was wondering if you were coming down to your grandparents’ next week end, for the fair. You’ve been every year since you were born and we uh, we thought you might want to come down. Bring some friends you’ve met or.. or whatever.’’ Mom says.

‘’That sounds fun, actually. But um, I’ll have to get back to you on that. I’m kind of busy right now, but I’ll call you in the morning or text you when I’m sure.’’ I tell her. ‘’Alright baby, I’ll be waiting.’’ She laughs a little.

‘’Alright, I got to go Mom, bye.’’ ‘’Bye darling, I love you.’’ She says. ‘’I love you too.’’ I smile lightly, thinking her face right now, she’s probably smiling brightly, thinking about me and missing me hard, just like I’m missing her right now.

She hung up the phone before saying anything else.

“Was that your mom?’’ Harry asks. ‘’Uh, yeah.. she um, she asked if I was going to come down there next weekend.. the fair and all.’’ I say, not really too sure of how to say that I want to go, and I want him to go with me.

‘’Oh really, that seems cool.’’ Harry nods lightly. ‘’Um, she told me.. to uh, bring someone down with me..’’ I mumble, trying to keep it casual and normal, but I have an issue with doing that at times. ‘’Are you saying you want me to go with you?” He smiles, looking over at me.

‘’Yeah.’’ I nod lightly, smiling lightly. ‘’Alright, I will. We’ll talk some more ‘bout it later, okay?” He says, standing up from his chair. ‘’Okay.’’ I mumble back. ‘’Time for a swim!’’ Niall yells out as he runs to the patio doors, pulling his shirt over his head and dropping his sweat pants to reveal a pair of trunks.

I laugh a little, not expecting this. Liam stands up and goes to removing his shirt too as he follows after Niall. ‘’I um, didn’t know we were going to go out there.’’ I tell Harry was I stand up and walk over to him at the counter.

‘’Don’t worry baby, I got you covered.’’ He smiles, grabbing my hand and guiding me to the doors. ‘’Where are we going?” I curiously ask as she takes me to the foyer and up the staircase. ‘’Get you changed..’’ He mumbles with a smile as he looks back at me.

I just smile, not really sure what he’s up too.

Harry’s POV

“Holy shit it’s cold!’’ Niall yells out as he comes up from the water after jumping from the diving board. I laugh a little as I go down the stairs slowly. He was right, it was freezing. I glance beside me, expecting to see Emmy, but I didn’t.

I stop and turn around. There she stood on the concrete, her towel wrapped tightly around her. ‘’C’mon baby, don’t be scared.’’ I smiled lightly at her, extending my hand. She smiles shyly and glances down at herself, but then to my hand.

She just blushes, nodding a little at me as she goes to one of the lounge chairs and drops her towel, folding it neatly and sitting it down before coming back to the side of the pool. ‘’Damn babygirl, you look amazing. Do you like it?’’ I ask, raising my eyebrows at her.

‘’Yeah.’’ She laughs a little, twisting one of the pieces of pink fringe from her bathing suit top between two finger tips, staring down at me with a smile and those red, flustered cheeks. ‘’I was hoping you would.’’ I say as she takes my hand, stepping onto the first steps.

Emmy comes down two more until her knees were emerged in the water. ‘’Shhh.. it’s cold.’’ She said, saying her curse. ‘’Mmm, my baby trying to be all saintly.. let that word slip baby, ‘member what I told you.’’ I smirk as I pull her down the rest of the steps with me and into my arms.

She squeals at the temperature of the water, it was pretty cold actually. ‘’I don’t like to say those words.’’ Emmy giggles against my chest as I hold her tight, hoping our body heat would help us both, because believe me I was pretty cold myself.

‘’Mmhmm, you’ll be saying a lot tonight.. especially when we get into that bed upstairs.’’ I mumble into her ear. She bites her lip, looking up at me. ‘’So we can?’’ She asks, smiling happily at me. ‘’Anything for you, baby.’’ I nod lightly, connecting her sweet lips to mine.

We get a good two or three minutes into our deep, steamy, hot kiss. But then it got ruined, just like I had been expecting it to be for a while now. ‘’Alright you two love birds, don’t suck each other down before a good game o’ chicken!’’ Niall says with a laugh.

I roll my eyes lightly, smiling as I glance over my shoulder to see Liam and Niall getting prepared for the game. ‘’You wanna play baby?’’ I ask, gesturing my head over to the guys, those idiots as I call them though.

‘’I.. I guess, don’t drop me.’’ She gives me that ‘I mean it’ face, it was pretty serious. ‘’I won’t.’’ I wink lightly as I turn my back to her. I hold my breath and go under the water, waiting on her to get on me.

She hesitates at first, but then throws one leg over my shoulder and hosting herself up onto the other one. I come up just as she steadies herself on me. Her hands hold onto the sides of my face as I put my hands on her thighs, determined to keep my promise of not dropping her.

“Alright damn it, Liam, don’t fuck up this time. Shit.’’ Niall says as he sighs loudly and motions for Liam to come over closer to us. ‘’Hold up now, I got one thing to say.’’ I say, looking up at Niall as Liam reaches us.

‘’And that is?’’ Niall asks, smirking lightly at me. ‘’Don’t push her hard, and don’t grab her boobs.’’ I mumble that last part lightly. ‘’Harry!’’ Emmy whisper yells to me, slapping her hand lightly against my face, it didn’t even hurt, I could hardly feel it.

“I’m serious, bro. I ain’t playing.’’ I sigh as Niall nods, rolling his eyes at me with a grin.

‘’Alright, on three.. ready.. one.. two.. three!’’ Liam calls out and I heard Emmy squeal as Niall started to reach out to her, I tried to back up just a little, he was getting too close to my face with his feet.

“Harry!’’ Emmy laughs out as Niall reaches out to push on her, but I tried my best to keep away. ‘’Don’t be a pussy, Emmy!’’ Niall says with a grin as he tries to grab her mouth. ‘’Watch your fucking mouth!’’ Emmy laughs back.

I raise my eyebrows shocked. ‘’Damn.’’ Liam mumbles as he smiles at me, shocked too I can tell. I expected anything but that from Emmy. But hey, my girl’s a surprise so who knows what she’s got up her sleeve.

‘’Got you a feisty one, Haz.’’ Niall says as they keep it up. ‘’You’re such a dick.’’ Emmy says, pushing on Niall as I move us a little closer. ‘’Thought you didn’t say those words, babe?” I smile, leaning my head back some to look at her.

She looks down at me, smiles, then looks away, continuing to mess around with Niall until finally, after what felt like an eternity and a half, Niall pushes Emmy back and decides to fall too, just so she’s not the only one.

“You’re such a-‘’ Emmy says as she comes from under the water, but she stops because Niall was gone. I saw what he did though, and I don’t plan on telling her just yet. ‘’Who you talking to?’’ I ask, lowering my eyebrows trying to get her think I’m seriously confused.

‘’Where.. where’s Ni- Oh my god!’’ She yells out as Niall grabs her foot under the water. She jumps around, splashing water all in my face before finally jumping onto me, literally. ‘’Chill darling, it’s just Niall.’’ I mumble with a smile as she giggles a little to herself, keeping close to me.

She’s so cute. There I go again with that cute stuff, oh well. It’s true.


{Few hours later..}

Dear God kill me now. Emmy’s making us all watch  Twilight, each fucking movie from beginning to end, no bathroom breaks. We’re on the third one, about half way through. The Edward guy looks like a damn serial killer.

Bella ain’t gonna go nowhere, you don’t have to watch her like that. The way he looks at her makes me all uncomfortable and shit.

But whatever, anything for my girl, besides I said we might watch them together.. and looky here.. we are.

Emmy was wearing one of my shirts and her panties, no shorts, and trust me.. that was making me even more horny. She leaned back a little harder, trying to get comfortable in my lap. She had her back against me, my chin on top of her head.

She’s so little, so petite, and I love it because I can just engulf her completely. It makes me feel like I got some control, something to protect too. And I love that feeling, both of them.

The blanket was draped over us both perfectly, completely covering us. This gave me the perfect idea and thoughts. My hand slowly, gently slide from her thigh to between her crossed legs.

Her hand touched the side of my thigh as she feels my hand touch her crotch. I lean down a tad, not much though, and kiss behind her ear. Her hand grips the side of my thigh tightly as I slide my hand down into her panties.

She presses her butt into me a little more, I’m sure she’s feeling my hard on for sure. ‘’Shh.’’ I say ever so softly, letting her understand it’s okay and just to be quiet. And she does. She drops the grip on my leg and interlaces her hand with my free one, keeping a hold of me.

My finger gently ghosted over her clit, getting a gasp from her. I glance over at the other couch to Niall and Liam, seeing if that noticed anything. But they were both way too into this movie right now, but that’s good for me and Em.

I press down a little harder, just a little, and start gently rubbing my finger over her, just as gently as I possibly could. I heard her whimper softly. Smirking to myself, I let my finger slide down her slit, teasing at her entrance.

She takes a deep, heavy breath that made her whole body move. I’m not worried about the guys hearing or seeing, besides it’s my house, my hand, and my girl, I can do what I want.


{Later That Night}

Emmy’s POV

We were both breathing hard, out of breath. But it was worth it. Harry didn’t move from on top of me, but keeping his gaze. ‘’You’re amazing.’’ Harry whispers, smiling lightly at me as he pecks my lips.

‘’You’re more amazing.’’ I breath out as he leans up just a tad to look at me. He laughs a little and smiles at me. ‘’Time for a chat, yeah?’’ He asks, raising his eyebrows with emphasizes. ‘’What about?’’ I ask as he lies down beside me.

‘’C’mere and I’ll tell you.’’ He says as he gestures for me to get closer to him as he turns onto his side, propping up on his elbow. I roll over, doing the same as he was. ‘’Okay.’’ I smile as I move over some so that we were only about an inch part.

Harry’s other hand sits on my waist as he begins the talk with me. ‘’So.. about the call with your mom earlier.. Do you want to go?’’ He asks. ‘’I do.. but I don’t have the money right now.’’ I sigh, looking away from him.

‘’Don’t even.’’ Harry seriously says. ‘’What?’’ I ask, confused a little as I look at him. He sighs loudly, rolling his eyes slightly at me. ‘’Babe, money isn’t something you have to worry about. I have it all covered.’’ He smiles lightly, as if it I knew this already.

‘’No, Harry. I can’t let you do-‘’ ‘’You’re mom said you can bring some people you’ve met, right?’’ He cuts me off. ‘’Yeah.’’ I nod lightly. ‘’Alright then. You’ve met me, so let me go. And therefore, I’m going to cover everything.’’

“Okay. I’m not going to argue with you.’’ I sigh, not really in the mood for one of Harry’s bipolar scenes. ‘’I know you’re not. Know.. where exactly will be going?” He says, moving on from that topic.

‘’Oxford, Mississippi.’’ I mumble. ‘’So we’re not going to your parents’ place?’’ He asks. ‘’No, my grandparents.’’ I tell him. ‘’Okay.. so.. that's really close to Louisiana. You know babe, I was thinking just this morning about upping and going somewhere with you.. You want to go to New Orleans? Have fun.. get wasted.. be with me.’’ He smirks, leaning to my lips.

‘’I.. I guess.’’ I bite my lip, this feeling was amazing. ‘’Mmm.. it’s a plan then.’’  
Hope You Lovelys Like It, Sorry I Have Not Been Posting I Been Busy  With School And All. But Hope You Like It. ~Angie
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