Daddy's Girl

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  • Published: 26 Dec 2016
  • Updated: 24 Jan 2017
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All he needed was some one to spoil. He felt lonely, and depressed. He just needed something, someone in his life to make him happy, so he can make them happy. And he soon plans to find the one, hopefully.

''I believe that if I treat her right, and let her know that I love, that she'll be happy again, and be loved. That's all I want, I just want her to completely happy.. She's the only thing I care about, and I want to prove it to her.. No matter what I have to do to get her to understand it.. I love her..''

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**WARNING: Mature/Adult/Sexual Content & Situations. Drug usable, alochol usage, extreme sexual scenes**


37. Like You Said, She's Beautiful

Harry’s POV

I heard the few knocks I had been waiting on for a few minutes now and I smile as I go over to the door, opening with a smile as I see my beautiful girl, dressed just like I told her, just to be relaxed and comfortable, nothing too fancy at all.

‘’Emmy, hey baby.’’ I say gently as I pull her into a hug, whether she wanted it or not. But surprising me some, she wrapped her arms around my torso and squeezed me tight. I do the same to her and kiss the top of her head.

‘’I know I’ve said it a lot today.. but I’m sorry about earlier. I just wanted to make you feel better.’’ I mumble to her, hoping and praying to God for an answer because she hasn’t spoken to me since before adding her three new scars to her wrist.

‘’I know, thank you Harry.’’ She says against my chest. I sigh in relief, thanking God for this moment in time, I was blessed right now, extremely blessed. “You look beautiful, darling.’’ I tell her as I let her go, she steps back, taking a hold of my hands.

‘’Really? You said simple.. so I went simple.’’ She giggles, blushing as usual which I will always find sexy and appealing. ‘’Of course. You’re beautiful no matter what. Now I, on the other hand, look like a homeless person.’’ I laugh at myself, glancing down at what I’m wearing.

“No, you look cute and adorable.’’ She tells me, smiling as she takes in what I was wearing. I was just simply wearing a pair of grey pajama pants and a white sleeveless shirt. I wasn’t the kind to wear nice clothes in my own house, not when I planned to relax.

And that’s exactly what I was planning to do now.

‘’Well thank you, I’m glad someone appreciates my style.’’ I mumble lightly, leaning down to kiss my beautiful angel on her sweet, soft lips. I let go of one of her hands so we could walk together, hand in hand to the living room.

‘’Oh my god, wait! I forgot your surprise!’’ She gasps loudly, letting go of my hand and turning around, slinging the door open and running out quickly. I laugh a little at her, she was so cute and she didn’t even try to be.

She ran fast too, already at her car and climbing into the back seat. I lean against the door frame, watching Emmy as she rushed to get back to the door, slamming the door of her car hard and loud.

She was laughing at herself, almost stumbling over her own feet as she ascending up the front stairs, clutching a gift bag tight in one hand, her keys in the other as her purse slid off her shoulder, dragging against the ground as she struggled to push it back up on her off and off her wrist.

Finally, after what seemed like a while, she made it back to me, handing the gift bag to me once I had shut the door. ‘’Well thank you, baby. I’m sure I’ll love it.’’ I smile as I open the back and reach my hand into it, grabbing its contents.

‘’I hope you do, I worked hard on it. I just.. I just wanted to show you.. that I love you, and I.. I just, um.. well.. I didn’t want to buy you anything because a relationship isn’t just all about purchasing stuff.. so I made it by hand, with my uh, heart.’’ She says, almost out of breath as she ends her short, nice lecture to me.

I take whatever it was out of the bag and smile when I see exactly what it really was. ‘’Babe, this is so cool.’’ I smile as I see something I’ve been seeing online and something that my sister has made recently and sent me pictures of, cake in a jar.

And it was pretty damn amazing, if you ask me.

‘’I.. I hope you like it.’’ She mumbles, staring up at me nervously as I observe it, the cute bow tied to perfection. It was unique, and I loved it so much. “Baby, this is amazing, I could never do anything like this. Thank you, darling.’’ I smile as I leave a kiss on her forehead before grabbing her hand and leading her into the living room, where the little twist of the night awaits.

As we turn the corner, I expected nothing really too bad from Emmy in response, but I was wrong. She actually did say something, not extremely upset, but still. ‘’Why.. who are they?” She mumbles beside me.

“My friends. I didn’t uh, expect them to show, but they dropped by.. I hardly see them anymore, so I um, thought maybe.. they could stay over and uh, enjoy the night with us.’’ I sigh, not really certain if she’s mad or not at me, or at their presence, or at all honestly.

‘’Oh, okay.’’ She nods lightly, looking up at me with a smile. ‘’As long as you cuddle with me and not with them.’’ She giggles, winking lightly at me. I laugh lightly to her, God she’s so beautiful and adorable. ‘’Don’t worry babe, I’ll stick to you.’’

Emmy’s POV

‘’Well hi there.’’ The dark haired guy with deep brown eyes said, a kind smile on her face. I just smile, not really sure what to do to be honest. “You’ve got to be that beautiful girl Harry won’t shut up about.’’ The other one laughs a little, his blue eyes looking me up and down.

Both of these boys were cute and I can tell they were nice and all that. But still, despite their cuteness, no one will ever me as beautiful to me as Harry is. He’s perfect. I repeatedly have the thought in my mind that he deserved more than me, but I’m just glad that he choose me.

“Guys, this is Emmy. Emmy, this Niall and Liam.’’ Harry says, his hand gesturing between the three of us. ‘’And yes, this is my beautiful girl.’’ He adds, smiling down at me as I glance up, just to see if he did or not, and he did.

I smile back, feeling my cheeks redden at his words. “Nice to meet you, love.’’ Liam says, that smile seemed so damn kind and it was impossible to think that someone can be this nice. Really, like seriously I couldn’t cope with it. He seemed way too nice.

‘’Okay, okay, intro’s over. Let’s eat please!’’ Niall says, turning on his heel and running off towards the kitchen. Harry and Liam laugh, apparently this must be a common thing for him.

‘’Yeah, let’s go. The flight has drained me, I need some energy.’’ Liam says, laughing to himself as he goes towards the kitchen, leaving us alone.

‘’They’re not bad, they’re great people.’’ Harry says, grabbing my waist with both his hands and turning me to face him. ‘’This is okay, right? They’re not bothering you, are they?’’ Harry asks, raising his eyebrows at me.

‘’No, they’re fine. Besides, it’s your house.. you can have anyone over.’’ I mumble back, smiling a little at his overprotective concern, but I loved it. “C’mon, let’s go before everything’s gone.’’ He says, grabbing my hand and lacing our fingers together.

As we came into the kitchen, Niall’s eyes gazed over me for a second, stopping when Liam talked aloud to Harry. ‘’What you got in that bag, bro?’’ He asks. ‘’His girl’s virginity.’’ Niall laughs a little, getting a chuckle from Liam.

Harry just sighs, rolling his eyes. ‘’None of your business.’’ He says, leading me to the table. He lets my hand go, so I take it as a gesture to sit down and I do, across from Niall. Harry disappeared for a few seconds, but I realized he just stepped back into the living room to put the bag down.

‘’Harry’s pretty clingy, eh?’’ Liam smiles as he sits down beside Niall with a plate pilled with pizza slices and a glass of what looked like beer, but I wasn’t sure at the moment. I just smile, shrugging a little.

It was awkward, I don’t like talking to people I don’t know, I’m shy. I can’t help it, it’s in my nature.

I tucked my hands under my thighs, patiently waiting for Harry to come sit down with me. ‘’Harry, I think your girl’s broken, she ain’t making a peep.’’ Niall says as the double doors open, Harry coming into the kitchen.

‘’Shut up, Niall, there’s nothing wrong with her, she probably just doesn’t like you.’’ Harry laughs, taking his comment as a joke. But to me.. it seemed like one of those things all those people told me, making me feel bad and bullying me just for the fun of it.

Harry was at the counter, doing something that I couldn’t really see from the table, all the way across the large room. Niall stands up, grabbing his beer bottle and going towards the refrigerator.

Niall seemed a little weird, but maybe it was just me and my stupid thoughts about my god damn past. I don’t know, really, I don’t.

Harry’s POV

“She’s… uh, quiet.’’ Niall mumbles beside me, sipping his beer. ‘’So.’’ I shrug, not really too concerned of what he thought. ‘’You must’ve told her she’d get some tonight.’’ He says lightly, where only he and I could hear it.

‘’What are you talking about?’’ I say, furrowing my eyebrows lightly. ‘’Her shirt..’’ He says. ‘’What about it?’’ I ask, still confused. ‘’It’s thin.. and you can see through it. Let’s just say she wore some nice lingerie for you.’’ Niall tells me.

“Why the fuck are you looking at her?’’ I ask, rather pissed at him for that. ‘’It’s hard not to, like you said.. she’s beautiful.’’ He mumbles before stepping away from me. My temper was rising just a little, no one is going to look at my girl like that, no one. I don’t care who they are.

“Emmy. C’mere.’’ I say a little loud, the distance would drain the sound a lot, I’m sure. I heard the chair slide back on the tile and I heard her footsteps as she got closer to me. I felt her presence beside me.

She slides her arm around my back, grabbing a fist full of my shirt just to keep a hold on me. ‘’Yes?’’ She asks softly.

‘’Well uh, you look beautiful.. you look beautiful no matter what. And I love.. I love what you’re wearing, but I’d rather not have my friends staring at you all night. You’re beautiful, and they can’t resist it. Therefore, we need to fix the tiny, slight problem. Okay?’’ I say calmly, not trying to flip out on her, not now at least.

‘’what did I do?’’ She asks innocently. ‘’Baby, you didn’t do a thing.’’ I say, turning to face her, her arm falling from me. ‘’Then.. then what’s wrong?’’ She asks, seeming and looking confused. ‘’Your shirt’s thin.. and you can see through it.’’ I say, glancing down to make sure Niall was right.

Indeed he was.

“Oh.. I.. I didn’t realize it, I’m sorry.’’ She sighs, looking down at her feet. ‘’No baby, it’s fine. How ‘bout you put mine on, I’m sure they won’t get too aroused looking at me.’’ I laugh a little, getting a smile from her, that made me feel better, just to know that she’s okay right now.

‘’Okay.’’ She nods. ‘’Here.’’ I say, grabbing the hem of my shirt and pulling it over my head. Emmy’s soft hand presses against my abdomen, she steps a tad closer to me. ‘’Harry.’’ She mumbles gently.

‘’Yeah baby?’’ I ask, watching as her hand softly trails up to my shoulder, gripping me tight. She stands on her tip toes, gesturing for me to lean down so she could tell me whatever it was. And I do.

Her lips brush my ear lobe and she sighs lightly before telling me. ‘’Can we.. tonight?’’ She whispers. ‘’Can we what?’’ I smile lightly, knowing exactly what’s she talking about. ‘’You know what I’m talking about.’’ She laughs lightly. ‘’Hmm, we’ll see.’’ I say as she leans back down.

‘’Okay.’’ She smirks lightly. ‘’Alright babe, stand behind me and do a quick change.’’ I say, not feeling like taking her all the way upstairs just to change her shirt. Besides, I was broad and taller, they wouldn’t be able to see anything.


Hope You Lovelys Like It,

It Was A Long Chapter :)


I keep my eyes on Niall and Liam’s backs, just making sure that they don’t turn around and try to get a peep. ‘’It’s too big.’’ She giggles lightly. ‘’You’ll be okay.’’ I say with a smile. She just laughs some more.

I turn around to see her, and God did she look beautiful. That shirt looks way better on her than it does on me.. way better.

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