Daddy's Girl

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  • Published: 26 Dec 2016
  • Updated: 24 Jan 2017
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All he needed was some one to spoil. He felt lonely, and depressed. He just needed something, someone in his life to make him happy, so he can make them happy. And he soon plans to find the one, hopefully.

''I believe that if I treat her right, and let her know that I love, that she'll be happy again, and be loved. That's all I want, I just want her to completely happy.. She's the only thing I care about, and I want to prove it to her.. No matter what I have to do to get her to understand it.. I love her..''

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**WARNING: Mature/Adult/Sexual Content & Situations. Drug usable, alochol usage, extreme sexual scenes**


34. Let Me Prove It

{That Evening}

Harry’s POV

Emmy had been really quiet today, and I don’t have to question why. I sigh to myself as I glance at the bruise I left on her neck. I should’ve known this would happen.

But yet, I do nothing about it. I don’t attempt to stop myself, mostly because I can’t. And I hardly even thought of saying something about it to her.

As of now, though, I realize I need to. I must, I have to. I want to.

She was sitting on the bed, her legs crossed as she stared at her book. She looked relaxed, peaceful. I didn’t want to disturb her, but I had to. This has to be fixed, she has to know.

‘’Em?’’ I say lightly as I sit down on the edge of the bed, staring down at my feet. ‘’Hmm?’’ She asks me in return. I quickly thank God that she was listening to me, and even noticed I was there.

‘’About earlier.. today.. I uh, I’m sorry. I can’t.. control.. my temper sometimes.. and it.. it gets ahead of me.. I didn’t mean to.. to yell at you.. or to.. to hurt you.’’ I say with long sigh afterwards.

I felt the bed move a little, but I didn’t look to see what she was doing. ‘’It’s okay.’’ I heard her beautiful voice say just as her arms snake around my torso, her chin on my shoulder.

She grabs my hand and I interlace our fingers together, keeping her close. ‘’I’m not mad..’’ She whispers into my ear. “You’re.. you’re not?’’ I ask, furrowing my eyebrows lightly confused on why she wouldn’t me.

‘’No..’’ ‘’Why.. why not?’’ I ask, hoping to get a answer to my confusion. ‘’It’s not like you meant to.. besides.. it’s okay, I trust you.’’ She tells me, kissing my jaw lightly with those beautiful lips of hers.

‘’Let me.. let me make it up to you.’’ I mumble lightly. ‘’No. Let me make something up to you.’’ She insists. ‘’What.. what do you mean?’’ I ask, laughing a little at her comment.

‘’All you’ve ever done was prove to me that you love me.. let me prove that I love you, too.’’ She says. ‘’And how will you be doing that?’’ I ask curiously, rather intrigued by this idea.

There’s a million things I can think of and hope for, some sexual.. other’s not. But I guess she’s the one to decide on this plan, not me.

‘’I want to cook you something.’’ She says, removing her arms from around me and getting off the bed, heading towards the bedroom door.

‘’What are you planning on cooking?’’ I ask, standing up rather amused by this really. ‘’Do you like sweets?’’ She asks, raising her eyebrows at me. I smirk lightly, ‘’I like you, don’t I?’’

She rolls her eyes with a smile and sighs loudly, smiling at me. ‘’Do you like cake or cupcakes or what?’’ Emmy asks specifically this time, surely hoping to get a correct response from me.

‘’Surprise me, babe.’’ I insist, shrugging at her. ‘’Okay. I’ll grab my shoes and call a cab. I’ll bring them over tomorrow.’’ She nods quickly as she goes into the hall.

‘’Tomorrow!’’ I say confused as I hurry to reach her, which didn’t take long. I caught up to her and grabbed her waist from behind. She just giggled, putting her hands over mine.

‘’You’re not calling a cab, and you’re not leaving.’’ I say to her. ‘’What.. why not?’’ She asks, looking up at me as she throws her head back. ‘’Because. You’re staying here with me.. tonight. Please.’’ I mumble to her softly.

‘’I don’t know.. I really need to go home.’’ She sighs, moving my hands from her sides. ‘’Emmy, please baby.. I just, I want to be with you.’’ I say, reaching out for her hand but she ignores me, shaking her head lightly.

‘’I want to go home. Just for tonight. I’ll make the surprise.. and I’ll bring it to tomorrow at the office.’’ She smiles, winking lightly at me. ‘’Can.. can I at least Skype you? I need to see your beautiful face when I lie down.’’ I say, not wanting to argue mainly because I didn’t want to upset my girl.

‘’I’ll think about it.’’ She smiles before twisting around and skipping down the hallway, me right behind her, but of course I’m not skipping. Hell, I’m hardly walking.


“That’s it.. she needs a break..’’ I mumble to myself, smiling lightly as I open up our texting field. But then I exit it quickly, remembering our little deal. My heart skipped a beat as I saw her name. As I was setting it all up and stuff, I got this crazy idea in my mind.

I need to treat her to a normal, relaxing night. Fun and sweet. That’s what I need to do. It really is.

Out of nowhere, I got interrupted by her beautiful voice. God, she’s so damn beautiful. ‘’Hi, Harry!’’ She giggles a little. I notice she’s in her kitchen, but I can’t see anything but her face and the wall behind her.

‘’Hey baby, what’s up?” I ask, raising my eyebrows at my beautiful girl. ‘’Nothin’ really, just makin’ your surprise.’’ She winks lightly at me. God, that was sexy as fuck. I try to keep myself calm, in all places.. but it was hard.

‘’So I was thinking.. maybe you can take your first day off tomorrow. I was thinking that you needed a break. What do you say?” I ask with a sigh, hoping she’ll go with it because I have some plans.

‘’I guess so.. with pay?’’ She giggles a little at me. ‘’You know it, babe.’’ I nod a few times before laughing a tad in amazement at her cuteness. ‘’But.. but what about your surprise?” She asks, a slight pout on her pretty face.

‘’I’ll get it.. but you have a little surprise too.’’ I smile at her. ‘’Oh my gosh, really! What is it?’’ She asks, perking up a lot as she stares into the camera. ‘’I can’t tell you boo, that’ll ruin the entire surprise.’’ I release a few laughs at that, she’s so adorable.

Hope You Lovelys Like It,Sorry For The Short Chapter.


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