Daddy's Girl

All he needed was some one to spoil. He felt lonely, and depressed. He just needed something, someone in his life to make him happy, so he can make them happy. And he soon plans to find the one, hopefully.

''I believe that if I treat her right, and let her know that I love, that she'll be happy again, and be loved. That's all I want, I just want her to completely happy.. She's the only thing I care about, and I want to prove it to her.. No matter what I have to do to get her to understand it.. I love her..''

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**WARNING: Mature/Adult/Sexual Content & Situations. Drug usable, alochol usage, extreme sexual scenes**


40. Just Like I Promised

Harry’s POV

Emmy let out a piercing scream, pushing me off of her. I quickly get to my feet, worried like hell.

‘’What’s wrong?’’ I ask, panicking as she rolls onto her side and starts sobbing. ‘’Har…..’’ She didn’t even get all the syllables of my name out before she completely started screaming again.

‘’Emmy, baby! What the fuck is wrong!’’ I ask, dropping to my knees at the edge of the couch, one hand on the top of her head and the other going to her thigh.

And it was in that moment, just as my hand touched the fabric of her sweat pants that she screamed, grabbing my wrist tight and pushing it away.

My eyes linger over the dark, navy blue surface of her pants. I bring my fingers into my sight and I see exactly what the hell was wrong. My fingers were covered with blood.

‘’What the fuck happened!’’ I yell as I stand up, running over to the small cabinet that contained the first aid kit. I open it quickly, running back over to the couch. I grab the scissors out and cut a slit into Emmy’s pants.

‘’No! These are my favorite ones!’’ She cries out as I quickly rip it the rest of the way off of her, not any time to waste in cutting them completely. ‘’I’ll get you some new ones.’’ I mumble as I observe the source of the blood.

There it was, right there and then. Stuck in her skin was the small, but deadly silver razor blade.

‘’Why the fuck.. would you put it in your pocket, babe.’’ I say mainly to myself as I get a little closer, not too sure of how to do this.

‘’Harry! Please! Get it out!’’ She yells, her hand on my elbow as I take a deep breath, trying to process all of this shit. ‘’Okay.. okay.. calm down baby, just breath.. I’m right here.. I’m going to fix it.’’ I assure as I kiss her forehead quickly and lightly, just a sign of assurance.

I carefully touched the razor blade, not sure if it hit a major nerve or a large vein. All I fucking know is that I have to get this out of her, now. ‘’Shh.. it’s going to be some pain.. just hold my hand.’’ I say as I grab her hand with my free one.

She squeezes it tight, softly crying as she waits for me to relieve the pain, to fix this, to make it better..

Just like I promised.

And in that split second, I got the strength and the courage to pull it out, quick, fast, and in a hurry. I throw it down on the floor beside me, not really caring about any blood stains at the moment.

Emmy cries out my name as I let her hand go. I had to, I really did. In order to fix this issue, I had to let go for a few minutes. That’s all, just a few.

I search in the box until I finally found some gauzes. I begin to gently, softly pat the wound on her thigh. It wasn’t huge, but it was a lot of blood. She whimpers lightly as I continue doing the procedure, getting a new cotton ball every now and then to help with getting it cleaned up.

“Harry.’’ Emmy groans as I apply some pressure on to it. ‘’Shh baby.. I’m right here.’’ I tell her, leaning to her lips just to give her a little, soft and gentle kiss..

Nothing much, but it was just enough.


“I heard you.’’ I sigh out as I sit on the edge of the bed. Emmy lied on top of the covers, she’s been trying to get some rest for a while now. We didn’t have much longer on the flight, but she was still trying to get over the event from earlier.

‘’What?’’ She mumbles, furrowing her eyebrows as she keeps her eyes closed. ‘’When you were in the bathroom.. I heard you.’’ I tell her. I turn to face her, just so I can keep my eyes on her at all time.

I move the hair from her face, sliding some of it behind her ear. I rest my hand on her cheek, just so she knows I’m always here for her. ‘’I.. I didn’t want to.. to barge in.. I didn’t want you to.. to be afraid or whatever. But now.. I wish I had.’’ I admit, my eyes trailing down her body, stopping when I get to her thigh.

Despite me ‘fixing’ it and covering it up with a bandage, I still feel horrible for her. I feel.. responsible for it. It’s my fault.

It’s all my fault.

I should have left her alone and not tickled her. I should have kept control of myself. I should have went in that bathroom and stopped her in the first place. And when she would cry because I got too loud, I would have held her tight and told her everything was going to be fine.

But in reality..

I didn’t do that.

And now I regret it.  
Sorry For The Short Chapter, Hope You Lovelys Like Is So Far. ~Angie
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