Daddy's Girl

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  • Published: 26 Dec 2016
  • Updated: 24 Jan 2017
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All he needed was some one to spoil. He felt lonely, and depressed. He just needed something, someone in his life to make him happy, so he can make them happy. And he soon plans to find the one, hopefully.

''I believe that if I treat her right, and let her know that I love, that she'll be happy again, and be loved. That's all I want, I just want her to completely happy.. She's the only thing I care about, and I want to prove it to her.. No matter what I have to do to get her to understand it.. I love her..''

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**WARNING: Mature/Adult/Sexual Content & Situations. Drug usable, alochol usage, extreme sexual scenes**


2. Introduction

  Harry's POV

‘’Mr. Styles?’’ I heard a voice say.

I sigh lightly as I exit the small storage closet that was located in the my office. He held copy paper and pens, stuff I might run out of and all that.

As I entered my main office, I saw that it was Jessica. She worked for me. I think she worked at the front desk in the lobby, but honestly I can’t remember, and nor do I care any either.

‘’What?’’ I ask as I sit down in my chair and grab my computer mouse, hoping to get some work done today.

‘’Remember how you set up the whole help wanted ordeal, you know, the assistant thing?’’ She asks, still standing in the door way.

‘’Yes, I remember. Why?’’ I say. Why wouldn’t I remember, I set it up. Duh. I guess there’s just some idiots in the world that’s all, pure idiots.

‘’You have a few people in the lobby.. ready for their interview.’’ Jessica tells me.

‘’What? I schedule all that for the 5th of June.’’ I groan, running a hand through my hair out of frustration.

‘’Mr. Styles, it is June 5th.’’ She sighs.

‘’No its not. Its June… shit.’’ I mumble lightly to myself as I look at the date displayed on the computer screen.

‘’Well, I was supposed to get a damn memo. I told who ever saw me first today to remind me of the damn date.’’ I say, slamming my hand down on my desk.

Jessica jumps back a little, clutching her clipboard to her chest.Damn it, way to go Styles. You’re scaring the innocent little sluts that work for you, nice going. Oh shut up.

‘’Mr. Styles.. I hate to.. temp your nerves.. but.. I told you.. this morning.. when you.. came in the door. And you simply replied.. in return.’’ She hesitates a little.

‘’What did I say, then?’’ I ask, not remembering any of that at all.

‘’You said ‘Alright, I’ll be sure to be ready by two o’clock’. And then you went to the elevators.’’ She says.

‘’Fuck.. shit.. Okay.. Send them up.’’ I say with a light huff as I get a nod in return from Jessica.

‘’Oh, and Jessica.’’ I call out just as she goes to shut the door.

‘’Yes sir?’’ She asks, opening the door again.

‘’Thank you.’’ I sigh.

She just shyly smiles and nods, and don’t let me forget her blushing that appeared all over her face. I had no idea what it was about me that got these ladies around here all flustered. I mean, damn, I’m just a guy. Get over yourself. Better yet, go fuck yourself and just ignore me, please.

‘’Alright, listen. I’m not in the mood for any chit-chat. Once you’re in this hallway, you’re quiet. Got it?’’ I say to the six people who are lined up against the hall way wall. A few of them nod, I get no spoken replies though.

“You’ll go by your last name. So, if you will, get in this order,’’ I pause as I look at the piece of paper. ‘’Adams, Bennett, Frasier, Matthews, Preston, and Williams.’’

I glance up to see them hurrying to get in order. I roll my eyes, stupid young interns. As soon as their done shaking out of nervousness, I call the first one into my office and shut the door behind him.

‘’Sit.’’ I say and point to the chair that sits in front of my desk.

He nods lightly and sits down, I hear him gulp. What a damn pussy he is, I can just tell by the way he’s looking. This guy, which I assure you will not get this damn job, is wearing a black blazer, a white button up shirt, and black slacks.

Last time I checked, this was a job interview, not a wedding. But whatever.

‘’So, Adams..’’ I sigh, staring at his short resume, I didn’t ask for much, just the basics, ‘’No high school degree?’’

‘’N-no sir.’’ He mumbles.

‘’Listen, dude. You’re just a little punk who’s trying to get yourself a good job. But I’m not going to grant you that little wish, because if you don’t got a official high school diploma, I assure you that you won’t get a damn job anywhere.’’ I say straight forward.

‘’I.. I know, sir. I was just hoping-‘’

‘’This is the real world kid, we don’t hope around here. And besides, you wouldn’t have gotten the job anyways.’’ I tell him.

‘’Okay.. Sorry to.. bother you sir.’’ He sighs as he stands up.

‘’Whatever, send the next person in. And as for you, you can hit the exit.’’ I say as he gets to the door. He only nods, no other words.

What a piss ass he is. I roll my eyes to myself as I take out the next paper. It was just a short, simple resume. I didn’t want their damn life story. I just needed to know a few things. Their name, age, date of birth, if they graduated high school, and a few more additional things.

The next person I was to interview was a tall, very skinny girl with dark, short brown hair. She was dressed in a halter neck lined dress that reached her ankles. It was very informal, but way better than the last guy’s appearance. At least she dressed casually and not like she was attending some damn funeral or whatever.

“Hello, I’m Alyssa Bennett.’’ She says as she sits down.

‘’I know.’’ I mumble. Great, a bitch. She’s definitely not going to be my choice, not with that attitude.

‘’I’m assure that you overlooked everything. And I’m assure you that will know that I am a very professional person, and I am willing to go to limits to make sure that I show that. I am-‘’

‘’I’m assure you that I hate a damn attitude. So shut up.’’ I say, no expression on my face at all.

‘’Mr. Styles, let me prove myself. You must have something for me to do? Do you need any errands ran for you?’’ She asks.

‘’I have a person to do that. So how about you just go ahead and leave, because I don’t do well with the over achiever attitude.’’ I tell her.

‘’If I leave, you’ll be missing out on a very helpful person.’’ She huffs as she stands up.

‘’Good.’’ I reply just as she shuts the door.

‘’Bitch.’’ I roll my eyes once again. These people are unbelievably stupid. No one wants to hire a bitch who thinks she’s the shit, nor a guy who didn’t even finish high school.

The door open and I’m greeted with a guy. Now this guy seemed like a complete know it all, and he probably was just by the way he was dressed.

This dude had on khaki pants and a tucked in black polo shirt. He sits down, welcoming himself into my office. That, I didn’t like.

‘’This is your first job interview?’’ I ask, a light smirk on my face. No way he’s making it in this world.

‘’Yes sir.’’ He nods.

‘’I’m sure that the request for this job included past experience, even at the lowest rate.’’ I say, not bothering to look at him at all.

‘’I know sir, but I just finished my first year in college, sir. I just finished high school last year. I haven’t had any free time.’’ He tells me.

‘’Listen, man. I’m gonna be legit with you, okay?’’ I glance up from staring at the paper just to see him nod to me.

‘’I’m not hiring some college newbie, okay? And besides, I’m sure you need to focus on your major, whatever it shall be.’’ I sigh as I finish my statement.

‘’Yes, sir. You’re right.’’ He sighs as he stands up.

I don’t say anything as he leaves, I just ignore the fact that this is going horrible. I can’t even find any good people in this town. Shit. I’m in New York City, isn’t there supposed to be people wanting jobs around here? Well apparently not.

At the moment, I was completely unsatisfied and pissed off. All of these people so far aren’t what I need. They’re either too much, or not enough. And honestly, I’m thinking of shutting the interviews down right now. C’mon Styles, just one more. Fine.. One, that’s all.

Just as I was about to go out there and see what was taking so long, the door creaked open slowly. Soon, my eyes were revealed to a beautiful girl. She was wearing a teal shirt that reached her mid thighs. Her short sleeve button up shirt was accompanied by a teal and white tie.

As for my opinion, I didn’t like ties on girls. But on her, they looked good. Her long, blonde hair was curled. The tips of it reaching past her waist. God, she was simply beautiful. Amazing blue eyes, sweet looking pink lips. God, amazing. Beautiful.

She sits down and presses her legs together, keeping modest. I smirk lightly to myself before picking up her paper. Her name, it was simply beautiful and perfect for her.

‘’Emmy, is it?’’ I ask and she nods in return, she seemed a little shy.

‘’Tell me, Emmy.. Why do you want this job?’’ I ask curiously. Of course I didn’t ask any one else this, but I wanted to hear her voice.

‘’Um.. I just lost my previous on.. and I.. um.. I have to.. pay.. my rent.. and I just.. really.. need it.’’ She sighs lightly. Yep, she’s nervous for sure.

‘’Say no more, love. You seem like the type of person I was looking for.’’ I tell her.

Was I right about that, sorta. But did I care, nope. I wanted this girl. I wanted her. She needed to be with me, no one else.

‘’R-really?’’ She smiles a little.

‘’Yeah..’’ I nod and she just blushes.

Usually I would say it was immature for a woman to blush just because I looked her way or spoke to her. But in this case, with this girl, it was simply sexy and I definitely liked it when she done.

I loved it, actually.


Please be aware that the story will contain sexual content.


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