Daddy's Girl

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  • Published: 26 Dec 2016
  • Updated: 24 Jan 2017
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All he needed was some one to spoil. He felt lonely, and depressed. He just needed something, someone in his life to make him happy, so he can make them happy. And he soon plans to find the one, hopefully.

''I believe that if I treat her right, and let her know that I love, that she'll be happy again, and be loved. That's all I want, I just want her to completely happy.. She's the only thing I care about, and I want to prove it to her.. No matter what I have to do to get her to understand it.. I love her..''

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**WARNING: Mature/Adult/Sexual Content & Situations. Drug usable, alochol usage, extreme sexual scenes**


54. I Mean It

Emmy’s POV

It was getting pretty late, but Harry didn’t care one bit. He was determined to take me shopping, and we’ve been going around a bunch of stores for almost two hours now. But that was fine by me, I was with him and everything was perfect.

‘’Oooh.. let’s go in here, Emmy.’’ Harry says happily as he grabs my hand and pulls me through a door, I could just hear that damn smirk on his face. I look around, quickly realizing we were in a Victoria’s Secret store.

I rolled my eyes with a smile as Harry quickly walked us over towards the lingerie. ‘’I want colors, baby girl, colors.’’ He says as he finally stops walking, basically running if you ask me though.

‘’I want whatever you want me to get.’’ I say as I wrap my arms around his elbow, resting my head against his bicep. ‘’I love it when you do that baby.. holding on to me.’’ He whispers with a smirk as he glances at me.

As always, I just smile and blush as he winks and looks away. I waited patiently as Harry’s eyes skimmed over the selections of lingerie, nothing catching his eye yet. Okay, I spoke too soon.

‘’Looky here baby girl.. it’s yellow. That’s bright, hm? You like it or is it too much?’’ He asks as he grabs one off the rack and shows it to me.

As usual, my eyes roll right over the price of this item and I sigh, knowing that no amount of protesting will ever be able to get him to not buy me anything that was ‘’too expensive’’.

‘’Harry, it’s seriously a lot of money for a bra and panty set.’’ I mumble as I release his arm and stand to face him. ‘’Darling, don’t say that. I can completely handle it, and you know that.’’ He only sighs.

I knew I will never be able to win a battle like this with him, so I just let it go and continue on with the shopping.


Harry’s POV

Emmy’s giggles echoed through the quiet house as she ran up the stairs, wanting to go get changed before we started anything tonight. I told her to take her time and just yell for me when she’s ready.

I laugh to myself as I hear her squeal upstairs before slamming the door shut. She took all the bags with her, no telling what she’ll put on just for me to take it right back off within seconds of seeing that beautiful sexy body of hers.

For some reason she’s been sexually active for the past two days and I’m fucking loving it. It’s not be coming and begging for anymore, it’s her. Just this morning she ran into the kitchen after she woke up and tried to get in my pants right there while I was cooking. I mean, you know, of course she got it, just not in the kitchen.. in the living room.

To pass time, I sat on the couch and turned on the TV show. Some late night talk show was on and I really wasn’t paying much attention to it. My phone beeped on the couch beside me.

I sighed as I pick it up, I hated when people messaged me this late, especially when I’m waiting to get that beautiful girl up there. I looked down at the screen thinking I’d be pissed off at the person, but actually I liked who it was from.

I smirk to myself as I open the message and see the picture Emmy sent along with the simple message.

Emmy: Teasing you is fun ;)

She had the cutest toes ever. They stayed painted either white or pink or had some design on them. She was so girly, and god I loved that so damn much. I decide to keep her bubbly mood going, so I took a picture of my foot, my boot still on, and sent it to her. Moments later, she replied.

Emmy: You’re so weird, I love that! :)

Me: I know. Hurry up pretty girl.. Daddy needs to see you ;)

Emmy: I am, I am..

Me: Take your time sweet girl, I love you.

Emmy: I love you too

I smirk as I lick my lips, just thinking about her beautiful body gets me rock hard. I loved the way her panties fit her ass perfectly, always slipping between her cheeks though, especially when she wears tight jeans.

Mmm, damn she needs to hurry up. I’m about to explode completely untouched just thinking about her.

My attention turns to my phone as I notice a new message has popped up from Emmy.


Me: Are you trying to make me bust in my jeans?

Emmy: Mm, maybe.

Me: Oh baby, please hurry. I’m begging you.


A light smile crept onto my face as I opened the bedroom door, finally being called up here. The lights were off, all of them.

I lick my lips as I hear shuffling and soon the lamp on my side of the bed is flicked on.

My eyes light up as I see my beautiful girl laying on the bed in my robe. She bites her lip as she sits up, gesturing me over to her with her finger. I don’t hesitate to shut the door and hurry over to the foot of the bed.

‘’Take your blazer off.’’ She says with a smirk. ‘’Mmm, taking control darling?’’ I ask as I raise my eyebrows, quickly getting rid of the jacket. ‘’I sure am, now.. shirt.’’ She demands sternly.

I nod, biting the inside of my cheek just trying to keep myself calm right now. I was about to explode out of pure desire right now. Shit, Emmy has be going crazy.

‘’Good.. now, shoes.’’ She says, pointing to my feet. It takes a few seconds, but I kick my boots off and slide my socks off. ‘’Please.. don’t.. please go faster.’’ I mumble, basically begging at this point.

‘’Hold your horses, Mr. Styles.’’ She arches an eyebrow at me as she gets off the bed and walks over to me. I glance down at her feet to see she was bare foot. That’s the way she likes it, then that’s the way it happens.

‘’You have to learn to be patient, or you’ll get nowhere in life.’’ She sighs as she presses her hands against my chest, looking up at me when those anything but innocent eyes. ‘’I’ll get in between your legs.’’ I wink at her.

All of a sudden I felt a sting on my cheek and I found myself looking at the door. I clear my throat, shocked, as I look back down at her. ‘’Behave.’’ She whispers sexily as she rubs her thumb over my nipple.

‘’I mean it.’’ She says as I try to touch her waist. Shit, my baby’s feisty tonight. ‘’Yes mam.’’ I whisper back and she smirks, knowing she’s doing a good job on me. As long as I get to fuck her in the end I’ll be okay, for now at least.

Emmy’s POV

For some reason tonight I had this wave of confidence and power. So, I decided to use it on Harry and make him feel the things he makes me feel sometimes.

I stepped behind him, admiring the scratches on his back that I’ve made in the past few nights, and some of the worse ones still looking fresh. ‘’I marked you up, hmm?’’ I ask as I slide my arms around his torso, squeezing him tight.

‘’Emmy, please baby.. I need to touch you.’’ He groans as the pain of his aching cock finally gets to him. ‘’Shh.. be quiet Harry.’’ I say, warning him of what is to come if he doesn’t hush his mouth. ‘’Please-fuck!’’ Harry yells as I grip his crotch tighter.

‘’Now, be quiet. We’re almost ready.’’ I say as I give it one last squeeze before letting it go. He only nods as I step back in front of him. Harry’s eyes lock with mine as I look up at him. I smirk lightly as he grabs the rope of the robe and unties it, pushing the fabric off my shoulders causing it to fall out of my body. I kick it out of my way as he admires what I’m wearing for him.

“So gorgeous.’’ He mumbles as I keep our eye contact and drop to my knees in front of him. I looked away so I could stare at the large bulge in his jeans. I bite my lip as I undone his belt buckle and unbuttoned his jeans.

He helped me pull them down his legs and he finally stepped out of them, pushing them to the side. Before I even had a chance to move again, he removed his boxers and threw them across the room.

I nearly drooled at the sight of his member right at my face, solid and rock hard. Without any further hesitation, I wrapped my hand around his shaft, getting a loud moan from him, and began to pump my hand up and down his length.

“Yes.. fuck Emmy.. that’s it baby..’’ Harry moaned above me. I glanced up to see him staring down at me with those beautiful eyes staring into mine. ‘’God.. fuck.. baby.. fuck.’’ He groaned, clenching his jaw as I gave him a light squeeze.

Being the good girlfriend I am, I let his member go and leaned closer to it, placing a soft kiss on the tip. Harry moaned above me, his hand on the side of my head. I took a deep breath before finally opening my mouth some, rolling my tongue over his tip.


‘’Yes.. ah, baby.. please.’’ He groans as he grabs a handful of my hair. He knew I didn’t like to take him all at once, it was too much for me, but he did know I will do it the way he likes for me to.

I take him further into my mouth, beginning to bob my head on his length. He was a moaning mess above me as I continued the pleasure. I took him out of my mouth, putting my hand on his shaft to relieve the absence of my tongue. I pumped him a few times as I regained my breath and my strength.


 nodded to myself lightly, knowing I was okay and ready to continue the process on him. I lean up some so that I be above his cock. I looked as I spit onto his huge member, spreading my spit as I pumped him a few more times.

‘’Fuck, Emmy.. your mouth.. now.. I’m gonna fucking.. cum, baby girl.. fuck.’’ Harry warns, gripping my hair tight and trying to line my mouth up with the tip of his cock. He keeps a hold of my hair as I lean back some, staring into his eyes as I open my mouth, his tip sitting on the end of my tongue as he pumps himself hard and fast, faster than I ever think I could.

“Fuck.. yes.. Emmy.. fuck. I’m gonna cum.. shit.’’ Harry basically yelled out as he went faster and harder, I didn’t know he could go any faster until now. With one last groan and a mix of moans and grunts, he released with a long hard sigh and a ‘’fuck’’ leaving his lips several times.

His warm liquid shot into my mouth and I waited until he was completely done before I swallowed it. ‘’Damn.. baby girl.. get the rest darling.’’ Harry mumbled as I licked the rest of his salty substance off the tip of his cock and licked my lips.

I stood up once I was done. I stood on my tip toes, puckering my lips out for Harry. He finished the distance and chuckled lightly when his lips met mine. The kiss was sweet and short, but perfect just like the rest of the where.


Your turn.’’ I whisper as I get on the edge of the bed and crawl to the middle. I turn around and see his eyes hungrily staring at me, licking his lips as he watched me prop myself up on my elbows to watch his every move, spreading my legs just a tad. Not much, but enough..

Hope You Lovelys Like It.

I Am Almost Done With This Book.


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