Daddy's Girl

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  • Published: 26 Dec 2016
  • Updated: 24 Jan 2017
  • Status: Complete
All he needed was some one to spoil. He felt lonely, and depressed. He just needed something, someone in his life to make him happy, so he can make them happy. And he soon plans to find the one, hopefully.

''I believe that if I treat her right, and let her know that I love, that she'll be happy again, and be loved. That's all I want, I just want her to completely happy.. She's the only thing I care about, and I want to prove it to her.. No matter what I have to do to get her to understand it.. I love her..''

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**WARNING: Mature/Adult/Sexual Content & Situations. Drug usable, alochol usage, extreme sexual scenes**


32. ❤❤Christmas Present❤❤


Hello Lovelys So...I Have The Suppres For You Lovelys,

Thank You So Much For The Like And Comments...

Now I Am Gonna Tell You Lovelys The Suppres....

I Am Going To Do A ❤•❤•SEQUEL•❤•❤ For "Daddy's Girl"...

YAYAYYA! I Just Wanted To Say I Really Hope You Guys Will Like The ❤•❤•SEQUEL•❤•❤,

But I Still Have To Finish "Daddy's Girl" So Hold On..

Love All Of You.Thank You.



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