Daddy's Girl

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  • Published: 26 Dec 2016
  • Updated: 24 Jan 2017
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All he needed was some one to spoil. He felt lonely, and depressed. He just needed something, someone in his life to make him happy, so he can make them happy. And he soon plans to find the one, hopefully.

''I believe that if I treat her right, and let her know that I love, that she'll be happy again, and be loved. That's all I want, I just want her to completely happy.. She's the only thing I care about, and I want to prove it to her.. No matter what I have to do to get her to understand it.. I love her..''

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**WARNING: Mature/Adult/Sexual Content & Situations. Drug usable, alochol usage, extreme sexual scenes**


36. Begging

Harry’s POV

I guess Emmy thinks I’m fucking stupid. I know about girls these days, especially girls her age. When you try to talk about something serious to them and they run to the bathroom or to the bedroom and literally lock you out for a long time.. they’re not crying or thinking.. they’re hurting themselves.

And God only knows how much that hurt me to know she was doing that.. and because of what I brought up.

All because of me, of course.

“Emmy, baby.. I’m sick of begging for you to come out. Just please babe. I need to see that pretty face.. I need to know you’re okay.’’ I say, my forehead leaning against the door. And once again, no reply.

Honestly, the only reason I know she’s alive is because I've heard little, light coughs and a few sneezes in the past thirty minutes or so.

When I say this, I don’t necessary mean it exactly.. but, I give up. Only in the sense that I’m sick of begging, that’s all. I’m still going to be here close to her, as close as I can get right now though.

Emmy’s bedroom was cute and perfect for her. It was a light shade of grey. Her bed was white and had a teal, pink, and yellow bedding on it. It looked just like her, it was her personality. In the corner there was a desk, wooden and painted white.

There wasn’t much on it, just a few random objects followed by a few bottles of unopened lotions and perfumes. My eyes glazed over the bed again, making sure I actually saw what I think I saw.

Yep, I was right.

My shirt was lying on the end of Emmy’s bed. It makes me feel loved and really good to know that she kept it and actually  wanted to keep it with her here.

But as the moments and seconds passed, I realized there was something more important than silently snooping around her room. She was in that bathroom, alone and hurt. And it was all my fault, so I had to fix it, I must, I have to. I just do.

As I go back to the door, I decide to take this in another direction, just trying to fix it in the end anyways. I sit down on the floor, beside the door, and take out my phone. Girls these days like to text, so maybe she’ll tell me more if I ask it virtually.


Me: Emmy… I’m sorry.

I held my phone tight in my hand, clutching the life out of it as I impatiently waiting for a reply, or anything in return. On the other side of the door, I heard

Emmy: It’s not your fault. It’s my fault that I’m fat, don’t even blame yourself.

My eyes widen at the reply, she was being stupid right now, seriously, she was. 

Me: No. Don’t even pull that babe. You’re NOT fat. You’re not. Please stop saying that.

Emmy: Why? It’s not like it hurts you.

Me: Actually, it does. A lot. Because I know that I can’t do anything about what you think about yourself. But I can assure you that you’re not fat, you’re not. I love every little piece of you.. I'd do anything for you, so believe me baby.. please.


Part of my hopes eventually came true, only part. Emmy did come out of the bathroom, but she walked right on past me without a word or a glance and sat at the island in the kitchen, eating a small, but enough, amount of her food.

It made me somewhat happy, only because she was eating and I knew she wouldn’t get become sick or anything.

But yet, I was still upset because she’s giving me the silent treatment. Yeah, I’ve said a few things to her that involve an answer, but she only shrugs or looks up at me for a few seconds.

But whatever it was she gave in return, it was just enough right now. As long as I know she’s okay, even at the  slightest bit, I’ll be okay. I guess.


{That Night}

Emmy’s POV

I was almost completely certain that Harry’s plans for tonight were going to make me feel somewhat better. But yet, the future can always change.

At the moment, I was on my way towards Harry’s house, almost there actually. Of course he offered to come get me or to send his personal limo to the complex, but I honestly just wanted to drive my own car over there, alone and peaceful.

And he understood and didn’t argue, surprisingly. I appreciated that a lot actually.

Before I realized it, I had made it to the gatehouse. I smile lightly at the man, who’s name I have yet to learn or be told. ‘’Good evening, Ms. Matthews.’’ He smiles at me as he steps out of the door.

‘’Mr. Styles told me to ask about your drive over here. Everything go well? No traffic issues?’’ He asks, still smiling at me. ‘’None at all, it was fine.’’ I smile back, hoping he will just go on and let me in already, I was growing sick of sitting here in this car.

‘’Good, good, I’ll let you on in. I’m sure you’ll find your evening.. quite surprising and enjoyable.’’ He laughs a little as he steps back in, I assume to type in the code and open the gate.

Wait a second, why would he say that to me?

Guess I’ll find out.

We say our final goodbyes for the night as the gates begin to open and I start the entrance in. As I continue down the very, very, very long driveway, I take out my phone and send Harry a message like he asked me to do when I was here.

Me: I’m coming down the drive. I’ll be at the door soon.

Not long after, only seconds later, Harry replied his simple reply.

Harry: Alright baby, I’ll be in the foyer waiting. Oh and uh, well, tonight might have a small tiny twist, but it’ll be okay. I promise you’ll still enjoy it.

Me: Okay.. I guess I will.

He doesn’t reply with anything but a smiley face, so I just decide to put my phone down on my leg and focus on the driveway, not realizing until now of how close I was getting to the house.

Thanks to all the lights around the house combined with my headlights, I could see the presence of two cars in the semicircle in front of the main entrance. Obviously it wasn’t any of Harry’s because his were in his garage, to the right of the house.

I furrow my eyebrows lightly, I sure didn’t recognize them at all. But whatever, perhaps that was the little twist Harry was referring to in his message. Once again, I guess I’ll find out soon.
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