coming out

Calum and Michael have been best friends since forever but when a new friend comes in between them and some secrets split them apart will their friendship fall apart?
Read to find out XD


1. I just want to be me


Michael Clifford. What do I with him? What would I do without him? He's my best friend and I would hate to lose him.

Michael and I love each other but for me its a different love. I'm in love with Michael but he can never know, it would completely wreak our friendship.

The truth is I'm gay but I have never told anyone. I know its bad to keep it just to myself but I have narrowed it down to 3 major reasons why I can't come out about being gay....
1. I'm beyond scared that I'll get bullied and that people will treat me differently.
2. My family would hate me. They are very strong in their faith in Christianity and Jesus and don't believe in Gays. Imagine how they would act if they found out that their own son was into the same sex.
3. Michael. If Michael found out that I loved him our friendship would be ruined and he would never speak to me again.

I pretend to laugh and smile but inside Its slowly killing me and I'm dying.

I just want to tell Michael how I feel. In wish I could just be myself.

- Monday at school-
I always hate school since I have to see Luke. Luke is in our group, along with Ashton. I don't mind Ashton but Luke is what I would call a selfish jerk. The only thing he cares about is his hair, I don't why Mikey is best friends with him. They are to completely different people, Mikey is so kind and nice and so beautiful and on the other hand Luke is self - centred and to be honest, his hair isn't even that great.

We all go and sit outside for lunch and I rush to go sit next to Michael. I get to the table first and Michael comes and sits next to me, I suddenly get the sense of fear and I don't know what to say, I kind of just freeze. This had never happened before so Im freaking out. I tried to play it cool and act like nothing was wrong but I have a feeling that Ashton noticed something was up, he leaned over a few times and mouthed to me asking if I was Ok but I kept my reply dimly with a small nod of the head. 

After lunch as we all got up Ashton grabbed me by the arm and pulled me back down into my seat, him taking the spot next to me. He waited until Mikey and Luke were completely out of site before he started to talk....



// Hey guys! well I really hope you like this new Movella, It's  for the shipping competition, I would be so happy ifI got my book "Love, Luke" turned into a papella!!!
love u all xox
from Stell




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