Intact Piscean

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1. Intact Piscean

Intact Piscean


My life has been nothing short of interesting. I am a Piscean and have always been able to attach and detach at will.  I met Victor on an airline and he pursued me, I didn’t pursue him, as should be. I do know of cases where men like being pursued.  They think it’s a lot of fun but not so in my case.  He found out which city I lived in and asked his Dad to further his case.  How I love him.  Our love has stood the test of time. I was a girl at the time and raised in a open minded home.  Though I knew what sex was , I wondered how it was done. However I was not inclined to do it with anybody. I was trying to figure out what degree I should do. I already was dating a friend.  However Victor’s Dad approached mine and they got his permission to date me.  I remember the first time he came to my house. He sat at a table in the make shift lounge, stayed for 2 hours without saying a word and then left.  We were both very young.  His Uncle had already decided I would be perfect for him and it turned out to be true. 

The first time we did it was in the business class of an airline.  We never married.  We were discrete about it.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  He used to travel a lot and he used to take me wherever he went.  We decided not to have kids and we played Aunt and Uncle to the kids in the family.  I really enjoyed it.  Since we travelled, I could not work. I wondered how married women made themselves rich.  I decided to get an education.  My Dad payed for it.  We used the knowledge to make money which I split with my Dad, for many years.  I got a job with a firm that did not require us to stay in one place as they had branches all over America.  Victor got a desk job in Hunstville, Alabama and I continued to work for the firm, using the former Intergraph’s offices.  We lived with family and I had a wonderful time.  After many years of a relationship, Victor expressed his desire to have sex with a lady other than me. He said I should do the same.  Victor is a very wise man and I agreed to what he said, though I did not understand.  I picked my ex- boy friend who but Victor and the experience was really nice. We used protection, so practicing safe sex helped avoid any diseases. As is the rule, you go to  the local surgery the next day for a check up. I did and I was told I was free of any diseases.

Victor and I no longer do ling sex.  I still find him a very handsome man. He does not live with me anymore but he lives in the same city.  He lives with his relatives and so do I. My dad found a house for me and Dadlish, a distant relative lives with us.  As  do 3 kids to whom I play mother.  When Victor is in this part of town he looks me up.  It is always very satisfying to see him. My future has all been programmed, down to my every day.  So I feel secure.  There is plenty of support in this town.

Since I was alone, I recently asked a agency to find an actor house mate for me, as Dadlish moved away.  To help out with the handy man jobs at home. I don’t know what happened but I now have 5 men who see me in a relationship with them.  I see them for a few minutes, once in a while. One of them plays my husband.  That is my brother.  He was teasing me.

I ran this situation with Victor.  He said accept it, life will be interesting and laughed. They are your mates.  Think of yourself as Australian. Enjoy the experience. I am going away and when I come back, we will meet in our regular meeting spot.  You don’t have to be so pristine and pure. That is not possible. I asked him if he would love me always and he nodded his head.  The problem is with Victor away, I am drawn to these men. They are all so handsome.  I have known them a long time.  I am not a prude but I am conservative. I do love Victor but I need people in my life. I have plenty of friends. Some short term, some long term.  I know the next time Victor and I will do sex in a 100 years from now.  From the Blue Lagoon set. After all, there is a living for ever. We love each other and the romance is still alive.

Life works in mysterious ways. 

I have moved to my home town, Stanley village, in the City of Banff. I volunteer for the hospitals. It gets me out of home and where ever I go, there are people I know.  I still worry constantly about loneliness.  Too much time on my hands.  I am adapting to the ennui. I never had a problem before. I have become soft from living at home. But then for all my courage, I need people. I am a people’s person.  But life has been wonderful.  I know I will adapt. However everyone here works part time.  They are satisfied with the money they make.  Food and housing is cheap. For 40,000$, you can get permanent tenancy, in a nice house and a room of your own. And a nice job.  If you leave, the money is returned to you.  There are only about 1000 locals in this town.  When I came here from Huntsville, it was like I never left. I was reintroduced to all the locals again. All bills paid and food expenses covered.  So you virtually live for free.   Wonderful work goes on in the hospitals and I get paid quite well, for what I do.  I am actually an employee. I only have to visit the hospitals, 3 times a month and somebody drives me there.  I work from home.  I have no health problems and any major health problems are fixed immediately, in a matter of months.  Even Cancer can be cured with the advances in medicine.  As I said, there is plenty of support. There is a agency that watches out for you.  I still worry about being lonely.  Maybe the worry is unnecessary.  I don’t like impersonal relationships.  I also work for the seniors centre. The hours are flexible.  I can go in whenever I like.  I just have to get used to a change in lifestyle.   I have been busy this year. End of next year I plan to re decorate the house.  Convert 2 rooms to guest rooms as the kids leave home.  There is plenty to be done around the house,  for now.  I have never felt lonely in my life. I was asked to take it and understand it. It has not been easy, the social isolation.  It will take time for me to overcome the fear of loneliness.  Victor is a dark but very tall handsome man.  He changed his ling size at the gym, to adapt to me.  I also work for the beach community full time. I am there everyday most days for an hour.  Those who come there feel safe when they see me, as they know I am a surf life saver. Of course these days, everything is automated. But it helps people see a person connected to life saving.  I moved  back to Stanley in 2012.  I will keep you posted as to where life takes me next year. I will be busy as I have a permanent job with the hospitals.  So I now have 5 guy friends.  None of them wants sex fortunately.  Life goes on. I continue to live on my own with my brother.  Everyone mistakes him for husband.   I like life as a single.  There is the desire for  a relationship but no one permanent in my life.  All my guy friends travel to other countries. Victor is in India. I have moved to Australia.  Raj is going to Europe for a year.  My Indian guy friend lives in the US.  So is Suri.  When they are in town they make it a point to visit me. I am always delighted to see them but slowly getting used to the idea that I will not see them so often anymore.  I am making friends in Australia. It has been a bit lonely as I am in a new place but now I have settled in.

**********The End***************


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