Hell will rise

Got a secret can you keep it either way I will see you in hell.

What happens when someone finds out Vanessa's secret?


1. Meet Vannesa

I wake up to the sunlight hitting my face from my balcony window."VANESSA GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED OR YOU WILL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL" "I DON'T CARE" "GET UP NOW OR I WILL MAKE YOU DRIVE YOUR SISTER TO SCHOOL" "FINE I AM GETTING UP". I roll out of bed and land on the floor "ow" I get up off the floor and run to my ensuite. As soon as I get there I jump in the shower "ahhhhhhh this is sooooo nice"I feel the warm water hitting my shoulders. But of course in this house the peace never last "GET OUT OF THE SHOWER" *sigh* "get out of the shower" I mimicked in a high pitch voice. I hope out of the shower and dry myself off. After I was all dried I walked to my walk in closet I put on a black lace crop top some high waisted jeans and some combat boots. Then I head back into my ensuite and start curling my red ombrè hair. After that I add some black makeup to my electric blue eyes. "KIDS COME GET YOUR BREAKFAST". As soon as I hear that I run down stairs and out the door. I quickly jump on my black motorcycle avoiding Mums crappy breakfast.

On the way to school I decided to stop in at Starbucks. "Hello what can I get you today" I look over the counter to see a short girl with mocha coloured skin brown big green eyes and long straight brown hair. "Hi can I please get a signature hot chocolate with mint syrup" "That will be $5.65". As I head back to my motorcycle I hear the laugh of the boy I despise Vlad Pierce. I run as fast as I could back to my motorcycle but of course it doesn't work. "Hi Vanessa" Wait what he normally calls me nicknames and not the good ones. "Uh hi Vlad" "Well see you at school...Bye Vanessa" "Bye Vlad" I waved back and walked to my motorcycle. Well that was weird" I get on my motorcycle and drive to school.

I get to school and park my motorcycle. All of a sudden I see a bright pink car. "Ahhhhhh may the devil help me now" "Awwww look at the poor loner....no wonder daddy left you" *sigh* {if only you knew who my dad was} "What do you want Stacey?" "Obviously for you to move your crap motorcycle" "bitch that ain't gonna happen" "WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME" "A bitch" She got out of her car and slapped me. This bitch doesn't know who I am. I gave her a dead leg and as she fell to the floor, I watched her body hit the floor as soon as she was down I got on top of her and started punching her over and over the I got up and started brutally kicking her. All of a sudden I felt to muscular arms rapping around me.

As my vision clears I see Vlad staring at me and he has dragged me into the storage closet "WHY DID YOU DRAG ME AWAY" "well just in case you couldn't see Stacey was holding a knife and she was about to stab your leg" {shit no one can see the colour of my blood} "well you should of let her" "so no thank you?" "Nope, bye" I walk out of the storage room to go and find Lila (my best friend)

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