//N I G H T L I F E//

Juniper, a seventeen year old Instagram baddie who is obsessed with The 1975, can't sleep one night so instead of sleeping, she roams the empty streets of the town she lives in-Taos, New Mexico-with her two best friends, Asher, and Violet, and her crush, Grayson. They break and enter in different places. It's every rebellious teenagers dream.


2. //C H A P T E R T W O//

We drove for about twelve minutes until we got to Taos Plaza. The whole way we told funny stories from when we were younger. It was fun to learn more about each other. I’ve known Violet since I was about eight but I didn’t really start to get to know her until we were about fifteen. I met Asher when she moved to Taos and started going to Taos High School (THS)-the high school Violet and I both attended-about two years ago.

Grayson had just moved to the area six months ago and was on the Taos Tigers football team-our high school football team. He didn’t really have friends right away, so Violet, Asher, and I took him under our wing. He gained a lot of popularity since he was on the football team but he still seems to want to hang with us more.

We parked in an empty parking space when we got to the plaza. We grabbed our skateboards/longboards and road them to the twenty-four hour diner. We stayed there for a while. Since we did live in New Mexico, most diners here were mostly Mexican, which is understandable but it can get tiring. I decided just to get some horchata. The contrast of the cold drink on a hot night felt more refreshing.

Asher ordered a churro which smelled really sweet when it arrived. Grayson got fried ice cream because-in his words-Taos was “much too hot for his liking” and he wanted something cold. And then there was Violet. She had to get the most extravagant thing on the dessert menu. Flan. It looked so delicious when it got to our table, my mouth was watering, but I was too cheap to get something like that. I looked at Violet from across the table and begged her for a bite until she finally gave into letting me have one. It was by far the best dessert I had ever tried.

Grayson and I were sitting next to each other and I kept trying to take some fried ice cream. I did everything. I told him to look at the ceiling and tried to steal a bite but when he looked back I was only halfway done scooping. He glared at me and I flashed him an innocent smile as I ate the spoonful of his ice cream.

“Juniper, remember that one time when we were probably fifteen, and you sent me a super random letter?” Violet asked.

“Not really, no.” I said trying to recollect the unfamiliar memory.

“Oh my gosh. It was so funny. I found it the other day and read it to myself and was crying of laughter. There were so many ADHD moments in it.” Violet had said laughing.

“Yeah that sounds like me.” I replied with slight embarrassment in my voice.

“I also found a letter from Paisley that was written around the same time. I was laughing because she had put a picture of this dog with some poop next to it.” Paisley was my younger sister who definitely had her finer moments in life. I just cringed at the thought of the picture. I only got close to Violet because Paisley and her were best friends since Paisley was born, but I didn’t click with Violet when we were younger.

We all shared stories for a while longer after actually finishing our food before paying our bills. We continued our skateboarding but got bored of just skating at around 2am, so we decided to go to the corner store and take some tumblr photos on our phones and get some slushies. Grayson had a fake ID and with the fake ID he bought a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. We walked outside and Grayson handed us each a cigarette and we passed the lighter around. We sat along the wall and just talked. Our conversations started to get really deep.

“I hate being a teenager because we are expected to act like adults, yet we are still treated like children.” Asher said with no filter.

“That’s true. Like we are expected to get good grades to prepare for college, and learn to drive and get a job, but we can’t go out when we want to with our friends, and we have to live up to our parents standards. It gets really frustrating all the time.” Violet replied.

“It’s like we have to take care of matters that don’t even concern us yet, like finding what college to go to and what we wanna do for a lifetime career. Like I don’t even know what I want to do yet and all my family members are pressuring me on figuring something out soon and like what if I choose something out of a hat but I hate it for the rest of my life? I’m not gonna spend an extra $2,000 on going to college again for something I’m just gonna regret and hate later.” Asher said as she took a breath of smoke in, her round cheeks sucking in with it and her ocean blue eyes looking up at the sky and her short dark hair falling behind her shoulders as she exhaled.

“That’s really true, honestly. I can’t make up my mind on what I want to do. I’m torn because I love to do construction, but at the same time I really like to work with computers, and my family is pressuring me to make up my mind of what to do and it’s so stressful that I lose sleep at night over it.” Grayson said. His deep tired voice sounding so raspy. His brown, unkempt hair moving with the slight breeze. His brown eyes looking down at his all black Converse All Star high tops. I looked at him with a sense of awe. The way he moved was just so flawless.

“That must suck guys.”, I started to say, “I did the free college thing because I’ve know what I wanted to do since I was thirteen.” I wanted to be an aesthetician/cosmetologist since I was thirteen years old.

“Juniper. Don’t rub it in our faces.” Violet replied with a glare in her dark slanted eyes. I just replied with a belly laugh.

In that moment, I had forgot that I left my polaroid camera in my truck. “Guys, stay here. I’ll be right back. I forgot something in my truck.”

My truck was parked about five blocks away. I got on my skateboard and went as fast as I could to my truck. When I got to my truck, I took my keys out of my jacket pocket. I went to the passenger side door and unlocked it. I leaned into the truck and opened the glove compartment and dug in it until I finally found my baby blue polaroid camera my mom had got me when we went to New York when I was fifteen. I checked to see if it had enough film in it, and refilled it, and then locked my truck back up. I got back on my skateboard and headed back to the corner store. I sat down again, and asked Grayson for another cigarette. I lit it and snapped a photo of us together. Everyone looked tired and serious. We took many pictures. I was gonna use them to make a wall collage for my bedroom.

I opened my phone up to see what time it was. The lock screen said ‘2:19am Wednesday September 17th, 2018’. I started to get a bit tired but I wasn’t ready to go home yet.




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