//N I G H T L I F E//

Juniper, a seventeen year old Instagram baddie who is obsessed with The 1975, can't sleep one night so instead of sleeping, she roams the empty streets of the town she lives in-Taos, New Mexico-with her two best friends, Asher, and Violet, and her crush, Grayson. They break and enter in different places. It's every rebellious teenagers dream.


3. //C H A P T E R T H R E E//

“Guys, I have an idea.” Grayson said with light in his eyes.

“Let’s hear it.” I said.

“My dad attends this country club and it has a really nice pool inside of it. Maybe all of us can break in and go swimming.”

“Like skinny dipping?” Asher asked with disgust on her face. Violet and I bursted out laughing.

“No, idiot. I mean like we can swim in our clothes.”

“Okay, good because that would’ve been awkward.”    Asher chuckled.

It was gonna be a two hour ride if we rode on our skateboards so we hopped back into my truck and drove the sixteen minutes to the Taos Country Club. We we got there it was all gated up and the pool was indoors. We had to do some breaking and entering, however. Luckily, I had to bring my dad some garden shears when he was helping a friend with his lawn and when I brought them home, I was too lazy to get them out of my truck. They really came in handy at this point.

I gave the garden shears to Grayson and he cut the lock off of the gate that blocked the parking lot. Once we got in, we parked as far away as possible, and we walked up to the doors which were also locked.

“Does anyone have a bobby pin?” I asked. I had pick locked my house door, when my siblings and I got locked out of the house once, so I was somewhat familiar with what I was doing.

“I do.” Violet said. Her long black hair was in a perfect messy bun. She felt around her head for a second and pulled out a bobby pin. She handed it to me and I started to slide the butt of the bobby pin into the lock. I messed with it for awhile until I finally got the lock to turn. I pulled the door open, and everyone ran inside. I looked cautiously around me before entering myself.

We wandered around for awhile until we found the scent of a pool. We followed it until we found a pool. We went through the locker rooms and hung our jackets up and took our socks and shoes off. I set my dad hat on the bench provided and exited out the other end with everyone else. Grayson ran and jumped as fast as he could. Next thing I knew, I was being pushed into the pool by Asher. The water was refreshingly cold. Asher and Violet dived in together and laughed. I turned to see the laughter, not knowing Grayson was behind me.

I turned back around and Violet pushed me into him. It didn’t only surprise us but it also embarrassed me. I turned around and started to swim after Violet. I was a fast swimmer so I caught up to her quite quickly.

“What the hell, Violet?!” I practically yelled. Grayson started laughing at us and I just turned and glared at him.

I got out of the pool and sat on the rim for a while. My clothes soaked in chlorine scented water. Grayson came up to me and smiled. “Don’t be such a party pooper, Juni.” he said as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me back into the water. I chuckled and swam to where Violet and Asher were congregated.

I didn’t make much of a big deal that Grayson pulled me into the pool by my waist, mostly because I was started to get tired, but Violet and Asher sure did. They freaked out over anything they thought was “cute” and apparently this was one of them.

We were swimming and relaxing when we heard a loud “HALT!”. We looked up and saw two police men. Both blocking the exit door out of the pool but not the locker room door. We got out of the pool as fast as we could and made a b-line for the locker room. I quickly grabbed my jacket, hat, and shoes, and ran as fast as I could to the exit of the country club. We made it out before the police could catch us and we ran towards the truck. While running, I was searching for the key that unlocked the truck. I got it just in time and unlocked the door fast. Grayson, Asher, and Violet all jumped in the truck and we pulled away as fast as possible.

The police chased us for about three quarters of a mile, and gave up. We sighed a huge breath of relief and laughed. We laughed so hard that our stomachs ached. We retold the story over and over again and laughed and laughed. All of the adrenaline from the pool woke me and I was no longer tired.


We drove on for a while, trying to figure out what to do next until we passed an old abandoned warehouse. “Guys. Did you see the warehouse?” I asked.

All with harmonic monotonous sound to their voices said “yeah”.

“What about it?” Asher asked with doubt in her voice.

“We should go check it out. I want to see what’s inside.” I said.

“I’m curious to what’s in there, too.” Grayson agreed.

I pulled off onto an empty dirt road and turned the truck around.  When we got to the warehouse, we pulled into the dirt lot provided and got out of the truck. We got our shoes on and  looked around the warehouse just as an investigator looking around a crime scene would do. The doors were boarded up, after a bit of thinking on how to get in there, we all decided to run and jump into the door. We only jumped once and my door gave in. We toppled down to the ground and I groaned and rubbed my shoulder while I got up.

We started to explore the warehouse. There was shattered glass all around the floor and broken cars. I investigated the place when I found a hidden hallway that lead astray.

“Guys. You have to come check this out.” I blurted quietly.

Grayson came out of a room that looked like it used to be an office. Violet and Asher came out from behind a rusted out car and came over to see what was up. We all looked inside and contemplated whether we should go inside or not. We finally got the guts to go in the hallway. The hallway abruptly stopped and broke into two different hallways.

“Let’s split up.” Violet said, “I’ll go with Asher, and Juni and Grayson can go together.” She purposely put us together, but it made butterflies arise in my stomach. “Juni, Grayson you go to the right, and Asher and I will go down the diagonal hallway.”

Grayson and I made our way down the hallway with the flashlight setting on our phones turned on. I heard a groan in the walls as I took a step and jumped into Grayson. He wrapped his arms around me as if to say ‘it’s okay.’ It took a second to realize what happened when I looked down and saw arms. I looked up to see Grayson smile down at me. I unfurled myself from his arms quickly and apologized out of embarrassment.

We continued on our way until Grayson and I heard a loud “HELP!”



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