//N I G H T L I F E//

Juniper, a seventeen year old Instagram baddie who is obsessed with The 1975, can't sleep one night so instead of sleeping, she roams the empty streets of the town she lives in-Taos, New Mexico-with her two best friends, Asher, and Violet, and her crush, Grayson. They break and enter in different places. It's every rebellious teenagers dream.


4. //C H A P T E R F O U R//

We glanced at each other with shock on our face. It didn’t sound like Asher’s or Violet’s voice. No. It was much more younger and boyish. Grayson and I walked toward the continuous cry for help. As we got closer, we saw the door the unknown voice was hidden behind. Grayson wiggled the door handle.

    “It’s locked.” he said after trying to open it.

    “Let me try.” I said as a wrapped my small hand around the handle and wiggled it. I looked around for a minute trying to think of what we could do to break into the door. It finally came to me.

    I had put the bobby pin Violet gave me from when we broke into the pool into my jacket pocket. I got it out and started working on the door. It opened unexpectedly, making me stubble down to the ground. I got up and looked around. All I could see was darkness.

    “Grayson.” I whispered.

    “What?” he asked.

    “Help me find a light switch in this place.”

    As we were looking for the light switch, there was another loud cry for help. It broke my focus away from the lightswitch with a jump.

    “Hi. Yes, we’re coming to help you. Give us a second. Where are you?”, I asked stumbling for my phone.

    “I’m over here. Please help me.” the voice said with urgency.

    I turned the flashlight setting to on once I found my phone. I flashed it around looking for someone. I shined the light over him and walked toward him. He was a scrawny little boy with bright blue eyes and dark hair. He was chained to a chair and looked as if he hadn’t eaten in day.

    “What’s your name? How old are you? Are you hurt? Who is doing this to you?” I asked very rapidly.

    “Juni, calm down. How about I do the asking.” Grayson said.

    I looked at him with worry on my face and nodded. My wet nappy hair falling down the sides of my face.

    “Hi. I’m Grayson. This is Juniper. What’s your name?” Grayson started questioning.

    “I’m Graeme. Please help me.” said the little boy.

    “We’re gonna help you buddy don’t worry.”

    “How old are you, Graeme?” Grayson asked as he tried to get the chains off Graeme.

    “I’m nine. Hurry, he’s coming soon.”

    “Who's coming?” I asked as I started to help Grayson with the chains.

    “The scary man.” Graeme said.

    “What scary man, buddy?” Grayson asked.

    “The one with grey hair and a big belly.”

    I tried to hold back my laughter at that comment because we were in a serious situation but I couldn’t help but chuckle.

    “Okay little guy. We will get you out of here.” Grayson.

    We finished getting the chains off of him. Bruises left from where the chains laid. Grayson and I got him off the chair and held each hand. We walked out to go find Violet and Asher. I tried to call them but the service in this area of town was sketchy. We walked down the hallway when we heard a loud “HEY!” with loud, heavy, footsteps coming closer to us. We turned around and saw exactly what Graeme had described. An overweight, grey haired man chasing us.

    “OH CRAP!! GO! GO! GO!” I yelled.

    Grayson grabbed Graeme and ran closely behind me. Forgetting about Asher, and Violet, we ran toward the truck and drove off. A dark silhouette chasing the truck until stopping to catch his breath and walking back towards the warehouse.

“How long has that man been doing that to you?” I asked Graeme.

“I’m not sure.” he said.

“Do you have any parents?” Grayson asked.

“No. They died in a house fire when I was two.”

I instantly got really sad when I had heard that.

“Shoot!” Grayson said aloud.

“What?” I asked glancing from the road, to him, and back to the road.

“We left Asher and Violet at the warehouse.”

“No we didn’t.” I said as I glanced to seat, “oh shoot. We did.”

We couldn’t just go back and get them otherwise the overweight man would take Graeme captive again and I wouldn’t let that happen, but if we didn’t go back, he would find them and take them captive and I wouldn’t let that happen.

“Is there a gas station somewhere close?” I asked Grayson.

“Yeah. Just keep going a little ways. Why?”

“I’m gonna drop you and Graeme off and have you hide there and I’m gonna go back to the warehouse and get the girls.”

“No. You can’t go back by yourself.” Grayson said.

“Why not?”


“Because why?”

“Because I said so.’

“Nice one, Grayson. You should become a lawyer.” I said with deep sarcasm.

“Because I don’t want you to be taken captive with the other girls. I mean look at yourself. You’re tiny. What muscle do you have to defend yourself with? I would much rather you stay at the gas station with Graeme and I go.” Grayson argued.

“Wow, Grayson.” I started to argue back, “I see how you think of me. Weak and defenseless. You should be real proud of yourself. I’m a lot stronger than you think. I have two brothers I can take out quite easily and both are strong.”

“No-” Grayson started to say.

“No. No what, huh?” I cut him off.

“I didn’t mean it like that.”

“I’m sure you didn’t.” I replied

“I didn’t mean you were defenseless like that. I meant like how can you take down- you know what nevermind. I want you at the gas station with Graeme. I’m not gonna argue in front of him.”

“Whatever.” I rolled my eyes.

We arrived at the gas station and I got out with Graeme and left the truck to Grayson.

“One scratch on the truck, and you won’t live to see tomorrow.” I told to Grayson.

“Okay.” he said and pulled off.

I walked inside the gas station with Graeme and looked around with him.

“Have you eaten anything in awhile, Graeme?” I asked the small boy.

He shook his head no.

“Okay. Pick something out, bud. I won’t let you go hungry any longer.”

“Can I have this?” Graeme asked holding up a bag of pork rinds.

“Pork rinds, huh?” I said with disgust in my voice.

“Uh-huh.” he said with excitement.

“I guess, but get a sandwich or hot dog and water with it.”

We walked over to the sandwiches and he inspected them for a while.

“I want that one.” he said pointing to a ham and cheese sandwich.

“Okay buddy.” I said picking it up out of the cooler for him. I went over to the drinks and picked up the biggest bottle of water they had.

“Can I see your pork rinds?” I asked as I walked up to the cashier.

He handed them over and the cashier rang everything up.

“Your total comes to $5.22” said the cashier.

I handed him my car and he swiped it and gave it back with a receipt.

“Thanks.” I said.

“Yep. Have a nice night.” he replied.

“Thanks. You too. Do you have to use the bathroom, Graeme?” I asked as I took my bag.

“Yeah.” he said with his tiny voice.

I walked him to the bathroom and waited outside and looked on my phone. I started to get anxious about the rest of my group. Were they okay? Were they safe? Were they on their way? My mind raced with questions.




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